Feb 012015
A Drive With SOUL: Rediscovering Passions

Drive With SOUL: A herd of Wild Beasts Tamed By Passionate Owners We were tribesmen first, bonding over a bonfire on starlit nights under open skies, dancing to the orchestra of wild brooks and collective laughter emerging from the deep bowels of Souls celebrating the bounties of mother earth.  Then we evolved and things got complicated, nations, religions, caste, community, and language all played a role to divide while we thought we are evolving as a species. No more. The baser instincts to belong to a tribe are back and we long to belong to a tribe that disenfranchises us [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jul 042014

Review of CAR CONNECT Website: Sharing experiences with friends   There was a time when we had a saying in India all you need is a “Roti Kapda or Makan”, meaning all you need is Bread, Clothes and a roof over your head. Well times have changed and most Indians need a Car also. For most urban middle class families a car is  not a luxury but a necessity as most  cities lack decent public transport. So a car provides a safe and secure means of transport for the family. Now in India we get cars for all the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 062013
A Review of Driving Tata Vista D90

In ancient times a man and his steed were inseparable; today the role of steed has been taken over by cars and bikes.  No wonder a car can evoke emotions that have very few parallels. Indeed for the upward mobile Indians today cars is as much a necessity as a home, and in a lot of cases people buy a car before buying a home. I have been driving for a long time now and have been fortunate to rent and drive some very good cars on my trips to US. But car driving in India is totally different [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]