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Comic Con Express Hyderabad- The Super Heroes are coming

Confession Time: I grew on a healthy staple diet of stories of superheroes in all shapes and forms. Phantom the Ghost who walks, Mandrake the Magician and Chacha Chowdhry, the man whose brain works faster than Super computer were my constant companions during my secret mission when I would save a damsel or two in distress.

Parshu comic con

Parshu an Indian Super Hero

In those days of no Facebook and SMS and WhatsApp we gang of pre-teens had our own sophisticated network of communication and book keeping to exchange comics, decide who will buy which one and how and where the exchange take place away from the eyes of Teachers and parents. Teachers were the bad guys in our books err I mean comics because every time a teacher confiscated our comics I was pretty sure they were reading them in Staff Room. Why do you think that they checked our bags only around the time a new edition was released?

comic con Satya police

Satya Police– He finds truth

Any ways long story short my love affair with comics has only grown over the years and even today in the daily newspaper even before the headlines I straight go to the comic’s page.  Yes Sir there is still a little boy in me refusing to grow up (please don’t tell my kids, I just snatched their comics from them and am going to bathroom to read it)

I cannot tell you how happy I was when I learned that Comics Con Express is coming to Hyderabad on 21st and 22nd of September at Hitex exhibition center next to Novotel.


So if you are a kid like me or a parent of kids like me or have kids like me or are a grown up in love with comics you know what you have to do this weekend.

Clue: Comic Con Express Hyderabad 2013 will be in town.

Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India, shared, “Over the past 3 years we have expanded to 3 cities and this year we have decided to add another stop to our tour! We are glad to announce that we are taking Comic Con to Hyderabad in September and as our tradition goes, the first event in any new city is deemed Comic Con Express,” says, Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India.

Comic Con is coming to mana Hyderabad for the first time, it was loved by citizens of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and being the home town of Chotta Bheem I am sure Hyderabad will also cheer for Comic Con.

It will be a fun event for whole family; you can come dressed like your favorite character and win prizes for the same. Don’t worry there are enough categories for you to take part like

1 Comic book/graphic novel

2. Animated Series/Movie

3. Manga/Anime

4. Sci-Fi/Fantasy

5. Gaming

As for me there is still a tie between being Phantom or Little Ganesha considering this is Ganapati festival time. Though I am also leaning towards Chotta Bheem, whose creator Rajiv Chilakapudi a fellow Hyderabadi would be conducting a special session.  Yes Sir Chotta Bheem was created by a fellow Hyderabadi, now what more reason do you need to visit Comics Con Express in Hyderabad.


Ravanayan Finale

Not only this there will be goodies to be won and merchandise about your favorite characters from abroad as well as India would be there. I am looking forward to visit brain child of Uncle Pai the Amar Chitra Katha Stall where a lot of merchandise will be available. When I was a kid we only had foreign characters like Phantom, Mandrake, Garth, Superman and Spider man, the only exception I remember was Chacha Chowdhary by Pran and one rustic Indian hero Guru who use to come in Indrajaal Comics. While Chacha Chowdhary is still around even appearing on TV, I have no idea where Guru has gone. But Fikar Not!  A lot of new Indian superheroes have emerged on the scene like Chotta Bheem, Odayan, Hanni, Satya, and Parshu; they have all confirmed their presence so you will be in safe hands.

There are also some exclusive book launches for the book lovers and you can also take part in special session with the Creators of The Hyderabad Graphic Novel Jasram Grewal and Jai Undurti, will take you on a journey to the mythical past.

Pride & Prejudice graphic novel comic con

Pride & Prejudice Graphic Novel at Comic Con

For budding artists there will be workshops on how to create a comic.

Check this for more details about the schedule of Comic Con Express in Hyderabad .

So see you at Hitex Exhibition Center on 21st morning at Comic Con Express.

What you want to know where is Hitex in Hyderabad? Oh my god what kind of Hyderabadi are you? Oh I get it you are not the superhero type. No problem here is a Google Map to reach Hitex Exhibition Center.

Odayan Indian Super hero comic con

Odayan has confirmed participation

Now you don’t have an excuse. See you,

PS: Don’t forget to wear your favorite character costume.

Feel free to spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family so that they can attend Comic Con Express in Hyderabad.

Note: All images courtesy Comic Con India

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  1. Looks like you are going to have a great weekend. Have fun. 🙂

  2. Woo.. You must be surely going to have great have in this event. I also love Mogli and winne the pooh comic character’s in my childhood 🙂 🙂

  3. I too read a lot of comic books but sans my camera I have no imagination! Hope you will have a great time at the exhibition.

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