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December 2016 Calendar Wallpaper Download:  A Man Meditating

Can you believe this we are already in December of 2016? The last month of the year is already here and I am wondering should I look back and contemplate what happened in 2016 or plan ahead and think about the coming year 2017? I wish I had an answer for the question.

As we still have 30 days of December to think about the questions about 2016 and dreams for 2017 let me urge you to take a moment and ponder over a few questions related to where your life is going.

With this, I give you the December 2016 Desktop Calendar for you to download and share further. I clicked this image in the fabulous Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala, and the picture is of their Ayurveda Spa, where I had “ My First Kerala Massage

What I like about this image is the way light is falling / radiating from the man praying in the image.  The linking is more of a philosophical liking here and not the photographic or artistic part of the image.  To me , t appears as a message “No matter how much darkness surrounds you, if you have light within you will find more light to brighten your day”

As always you can download the December 2016 Travel Calendar in 3 Sizes

December 2016 Desktop Calendar download Free

December 2016 Desktop Calendar

To download your calendar all you need to do is click on any of the links above as per your size requirement and save the same on your machine.

This is the last calendar for 2016 and already I am running a contest for the 2017 Travel Calendar on desi Traveler. Go ahead and participate in the annual giveaway on desi Traveler and you could win your own personal limited edition 2017 Travel Calendar clicked by yours truly  aka desi Traveler.

Just like earlier years, I am giving 10 Calendars that will be printed and home delivered to you anywhere on earth postal service is available.  But every participant wins as all readers of desi Traveler can download their monthly desktop calendar from desi Traveler Blog.  The 2017 Calendar has Indonesia as the focus country and I do hope maximum images will be from Indonesia from my Trip of Wonders.

So go ahead participate in the 2017 Travel Calendar and also share the same with your friends and family for increasing your chance of winning the same.

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Comments (9)
  1. Great pic.
    ~ Happy New Year 2017 ~

  2. Great! Thank you Prasad sahab!

  3. The photo is beautifully composed

  4. Nice calendar. but I don’t understand why calendar makers mark Sunday in Red… Sunday should be green, Monday should be Red…Tuesday- brown, Wednesday Orange, Thursday yellow, Friday- blue, Saturday light green 🙂

  5. These calendars are really beautiful, I remember winning one earlier

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