May 082014

desi gets his first Kerala Massage

Folks, here is a different kind of post, about my Kerala Massage, that I experienced in Kerala.  After I finished the post I realized it is not your regular travel blog kind of post. So I emailed  Her Highness of Humor, the multi-award winning blogger, columnist Purba Ray, for a request for a guest post on her insanely popular blog:  A-musing. I wrote the mail and forgot about it for I was very sure she would trash it, I mean we are talking here about A-Musing, the most decorated humor blog in India, which has won more awards than she can even remember.  But lo and behold not only she was kind enough to publish my post, she also helped me make the post better.

Kerala Ayurveda Massage Room

Kerala Ayurveda Massage Room

Above is the picture of the Kerala Ayurveda Massage room where I received my first Kerala Massage. To read the  post in detail please visit my post here:

My First Kerala Ayurveda Massage

I was traveling in Kerala from villages to cities, crossing mountain and rivers to backwaters and thick jungles to spice plantations we were learning various aspects of Kerala. 

Every now and then somebody will talk about the benefits of Kerala massage and how it can rejuvenate everything from the lost luster of your skin, to hair, to lost appetite and a few more things, that are better are unsaid, I was wondering when my chance of experiencing the divine magic of the aromatic oils on my callused skin will come. 

Finally, we were in Kumarakom where I was informed that our hotel is one of the best places in Kerala to experience the magical Kairali message. I immediately agreed for the same but was told that before experiencing the message I need to meet a physician and answer a few questions so that he can suggest the proper therapy. 

Please read the rest of post here on A-Musing:  

My First Kerala Ayurveda Massage

🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Massage of any kind is relaxing. Add your humor to it, it becomes one of its kind and so enjoyable. 🙂

  2. Genuine massages are indeed relaxing.

  3. Prasad, please stop trying to kill me with kindness. I want to live a long life and hopefully make others laugh at my expense.

    Thank you for sharing your hilarious account on A-Musing. I wish I could use an FB emoticon to say – feeling blessed :p

    • Well as they say it was an honor to be featured on A-musing. The world needs doctors like you who administer the best medicine i.e. Laughter ... thanks a lot 🙂 🙂

  4. Fun read! And I agree…Purba is the most awesome blogger that we have 🙂

  5. When you travel to Kerala massage does feel like a home grown culture rather than an add on! The first picture is so beautiful.

  6. Nice places to get relax during travel time. I tried this massage technique during my travel to India, last year. I love that.. 🙂

  7. This makes me want to get a massage now 🙁 was in Kerala but never thot of it !
    nicely written and funny too
    U showed it all I mean the massage 😀

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