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January 2016 Travel Digest – Edited & Curated by Indrani Ghose

Dear readers, we are ready with our January 2016 desi Travel Digest, with some hand-picked blog posts from around the world. Continuing the tradition this month’s editor and curator for the digest is one of my favorite travel bloggers Indrani Ghose. Check these posts carefully chosen by Indrani from across the travel blogs that she reads and likes. I must say I am amazed and happy at the variety of the posts and so happy to meet some of the bloggers whom I have not read in the past.  So without much delay let us read what our editor and curator Indrani recommends us to check out 🙂


  1. A small post on an ancient ritual called Bhootha Kala. I have never heard of it before and wonder how many of you have. This post is by Priyanka Kamath who blogs on her travels across the various states of India. Main reason to highlight the post here is because she is a victim of theft of her photography by a reputed magazine. Shame on them!Fire Dancer ghost worship India


  1. January, the month that just went by, has some popular festivals marked in the calendar! Arun has made a very timely post on this. Celebration of one of the festivals, Sankranthi, at a UNESCO world heritage site is the delightful flavor of this post. Arun has shared his memories from 2015 in this post. I just fell in love with the pic of colorfully decked up Nandi there. Arun loves to travel and explore new places. With his blog he wants to share his experiences regarding planning and the challenges he faced during travels with everyone.Nandi Idol Thanjavur Temple


  1. Sri Lanka is a destination which has eluded me for some time now. Whenever I get to read on this little pearl of a country I lap it up hungrily. Chaitali Patel has done a wonderful job in collating all the possible activities that can be done in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka in this post. The last pic in that post is a winning shot! Chaitali is a well-traveled blogger and the content of her posts is awesome!Galle Fort Sri Lanka


Note from desi Traveler:  Chaitali is the first travel blogger to be featured twice here, her post about Bhuj was featured in October 2015 desi Travel Digest 

  1. India, Karnataka in particular, must highlight the treasure it has in the form of Hoysala Architecture. The world knows very less about these beautiful temples dating from 11th to 14th centuries. Sushmita Sarkar has done well by highlighting one of the temples that she stumbled on during her work there. Her post is on Kaitabeshvara Temple in Kubatur, Shimoga district. I like her contribution to tourism around this place. Sushmita Sarkar is a traveler, writer, photographer, foodie, fashion fanatic and a shopaholic.Kaitabeshvara Temple in Kubatur


  1. Oindrila De takes us to Poland in her post of “What Warsaw Whispers – A Photo Essay”. Just a warning, her pictures can cause a deep desire to set off on a travel to Poland, so be prepared. The city it seems whispered its secrets into her ear, so go eavesdrop there and have a wonderful visual treat! Oindrila De is a vegetarian travel enthusiast who often goes it alone.Royal Castle Warsaw by Oindrila De


  1. We often tour great cities during day, but rarely make similar trips at nights to see the night life of the cities. I had been to Prague and wandered around there for 4 days but not at nights. So when I saw this post I realized how much I had missed. The post is a picture essay of how they welcomed the New Year in the most non traditional way! Thing2gether is a life-love story of an Indian couple, Apeksha and Vishal – sharing dramatic journeys and adventure tales to build a dream life.Street Light Praque


  1. The mention of Andamans will definitely tug at your patriotic heart! For years it was known for the famous Cellular Jail there. Deepak Amembal has gone beyond showing the Cellular Jail of Andamans. He has highlighted the natural beauty of the place and plenty of can do activities there. He sums up his visit saying: wonderful enjoyable holiday and a destination that everyone should visit be it for relaxation or water sports or a walk down history lane. Deepak Amembal Travel Blogger


  1. Whenever I read and see the pics of Yogi Saraswat’s post I realize how I less I have seen of India. Yogi Saraswat blogs in Hindi. His post on Dalit Prerna Sthal, Noida, has a wonderful pictorial coverage of the place. In his words: A must visit place if you are here in Noida or in Greater Noida very close to New Delhi . It is on the Highway of New Delhi to Agra near Mahamaya flyover.Mayawati elephant park Noida


Note from desi Traveler: And with this we discover another excellent Hindi Travel Blog. Thanks a lot Indrani 🙂 

  1. Road trips are the best way to feel a journey! The road ends but memories of road to your destinations remain and that I think is precious! It is with this thought in mind I would like to mention a road trip by a travel/photography blogger Shubhadip Mukherjee. He says: Road trips are my favourite and when an opportunity comes to go for a really long drive I am always in. This post is a description of his road trip from Ranchi to Hirni Falls to Chaibasa. His language is simple and easily includes the reader in his journey.ranchi-to-hirni-falls-to-chaibasa-road-trip-9


  1. In the end I would like to mention a post by 2 traveling sisters, Hema Jain and Suma Jain. Their blog has some amazing content on the places they have visited. In their words: As travelers we wish to try to do something new and exciting in every trip by combining fun, adventure and luxury. This particular post is about the kite flying festival they attended in Mangalore. Mind blowing pictures of flying kites!Kite Festival Mangalore


Indrani Ghose Travel Blogger

Indrani Ghose

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