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My favorite Travel Posts from September 2015 – And they are not from desi Traveler

The main purpose of net was to share, so it is not surprising that we often see this mentioned on blogs: Sharing is Caring, or show some Sharing Love etc. Indeed we are happiest when we see that some body either known or a total stranger has shared our blog post, tweet or Facebook post. Nothing gives more joy to me when I see my posts being shared. I am thankful to my readers and fellow bloggers who have regularly shared posts from desi Traveler and spread the love. Some of the posts on desi Traveler blog are shared hundreds of times and sometime I wonder who are all these wonderful people who are sharing my post as a lot of them do not tag me.

So far I have not been able to understand the anatomy of a post that is shared again and again. Some time I will write a post and will think it will be loved by all and, I am surprised nobody even leaves a single comment on it. On the other hand sometime I will pen a post and forget about it and will be surprised to find that it getting shared again and again. So from this month on I am starting a new feature on desi Traveler, to give it back some of the love  to the readers and fellow bloggers who have been constant source of inspiration to me. The new series will be simply called desi Travel digest and it will have my favorite blog posts from around the world of travel, food, photography and travel related technology. I will try to keep the desi digest a monthly feature with 10 of my favorite Travel related posts from around the world. But like all things desi take it with a pinch of salt.

The only criteria for picking these posts will be that I love these posts and though I may have shared these posts on earlier on my social network like FacebookLinkedIntwitter and Google+ etc, I want to share them again with readers of desi Traveler. So it is very subjective and purely personal .

So without delay let me share some of my favorite posts from around the travel world, with a clear focus on India 🙂 

  1.  Pictures of Ganpati Pandays by Arti S. of My Yatra Diary  : Well I can not think of a better way to start desi digest than sharing pictures of Ganpati Bappa by Arti.  Regular readers of travel blogs in India will know Arti very well and her unique style of captivating narration and pictures where she captures the soul of the places she visits.  This year also during Ganpati festival she ran a series about Ganpati Pandals in Mumbai where she took us on a virtual journey of famous Ganpati Pandals of Mumbai. From Lalbagcharaja to Sarvajanik Fortcha Icchapurti Ganesha. We were fortunate enough to see them through Arti’s eye.  See more of them here: Ganpati Pandals of Mumbai .

2.  Life of Bedouin in Jordan: Siddhartha Joshi is  one famous blogger who has made his name in the world of Travel Blogging, he is also the man behind the highly acclaimed project ” #TellMeYourDream2015″, that has been featured in major newspapers and websites. Siddhartha was recently in Jordan and asked various Bedouins about their dreams. These dreams he has collated in his superb post about Bedouins in Jordan.  Check this post by Siddhartha or Sid- TheWanderer as he is better known in travel blogging world.

Bedouin man in Petra

A Bedouin named Lost , in Petra, pic by Sid

3. Diamox is Not a Substitute for Acclimatization : Mridula Dwivedi is a seasoned traveler and has trekked in remote places like Spiti. She was recently surprised to know that one of the trekking companies recommends taking a medicine called Diamox even before the trek starts, without giving any chance to the hikers to naturally acclimatize to high altitude. Needless to say she was not happy to know that and decided to not go with the company in question. She recommends that best way to go to higher Himalayas is to acclimatize slowly and let the body get used to it. Read the post here: Diamox is Not a substitute for Acclimatization 

Snow clad peak Himalays

A picture taken by Mridula Dwivedi in higher Himalayas

4.  Valley Of Flowers by Nirdesh Singh : Nirdesh is a traveler trapped in the body of an engineer of some kind. But the traveler in him has a rebellious streak that the engineer is not able  to overcome. On first opportunity Nirdesh leaves the city in search of lost forts, haunted palaces and in his last outing photograph flowers in their natural habitat in Valley of Flowers.

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers, pic by Nirdesh Singh

5.  Sights From Evora Portugal by Indrani Ghose : When I read this post about Evora in Portugal, I was totally smitten by beautiful pictures and how nicely the Portuguese have maintained their UNESCO world heritage site.  Indrani captures the essence of Evora in her true to life pictures and story from Evora in Portugal. Check her post here : Evora Portugal

Roman Temple Evora

Roman Temple Evora by Indrani Ghose

6. 600-odd steps, a colossal monolith and delightful views : D Nambiar has been juggling her life between India and US for last few years, while playing mom and wife. But non of these has stopped her to enjoy her travels with her family both in India and USA. In this colossus of a post she takes us to Gomateshwara in Hassan, Karnataka, the largest monolith statue in India standing tall at 57 feet. I first saw this statue of Bahubali on a postage stamp and am yet to visit it. So thanks to D. Nambiar I had a great virtual darshan. You can also do the same by visiting here: Bahubali Gomateshwara

Bahubali Gomateshwara statue feet

Those tiny marbles are actually coconuts, that should give you some idea of the size of Bahubali. Pic by D. Nambiar

7. Scenes from Wallingford Castle Meadows, England : How may times
have you read, heard this – ” Be original” that is one piece of advise almost every blogger has received or given at some point of time. Well there is only one Geraldine out there and her blog in her own words :::  ” Yes, it’s a travel blog. But at its core, it’s a love letter to my husband. A big, long, cuss-filled love letter. The kind he’d appreciate. The only kind I’m able to write. ”  In this latest post she takes us to rural England, the kind that you find only in nursery rhymes and in rural England no where else. Go to the post here , but let me warn you – This blog is addictive so make sure you are up to it.

Rand and Geraldine

Rand and Silly cow – ( That is how Geraldine has labeled this pic, Rand is her husband pic from her blog The Everywhereist 

8. Meet the Irrawaddy Dolphins : From the wildlife posts that I read, I am sharing this post about Irrawaddy Dolphins of Chilika lake in Odisha

Check the video created by Vibha Ravi about the Irrawaddy Dolphins, along with some tips to spot them.

9.  Tips for Travel To Ladakh in Winters by Dheeraj Sharma : Dheeraj Sharma is the original Himalayan Devil, only his heart is all travel and love for travel.  He has led the Devil On Wheels Community to various Himalayan expeditions to Leh, Zanskar, Nubra valley and beyond Kunzum in Spiti and surroundings in Himachal. In this particular post he shares some tips to prepare for a trip to Ladakh in Winters when tempratues can drop up to -40 degrees Celsius .

snow on road in Ladakh winters

Ladakh in winters is very different from summers, pic from DOW

10. Stick Around After Sunset by NASIM MANSUROV : Nasim is a professional photographer  based out of Denver, Colorado, and he is founder of one of the best resource for photography related articles on the web – Photography Life . In this particular post Nasim shares his experience and some great tips to click pictures as the sun sets and light becomes low. Just look at this amazing picture he clicked on a fall evening as the horizon changed colors.  Go to the post  to learn how he clicked this amazing picture. Also on Photography Life website check a special series he has started on “How was this picture taken” that makes you think and teaches about photography in a very creative way.

Mt Sneffels after sunset

Amazing Panorama by Nasim Mansurov of Photography Life

So dear reader what do you have to say about desi Travel digest ? Do pay these bloggers a visit and leave a comment if you have time and follow them to read their future posts. Would you like to nominate any post you read in October anywhere on the net then please share it with me using the contact desi form or tag me on twitter.  

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  1. This is a wonderful post .. not only does it feature some my favourite travel bloggers like Arti, Siddhartha, Mridula, Dee, Indrani but I got know about new ones too .. Ladakh has been high on my priority list and Dheeraj’s post is really tempting ..

  2. Thank you Prasad for featuring me. But I am drooling at every post that has been featured here!

  3. So happy to note that I have read quite a few of them! Yes sharing of posts and in turn finding yours too being shared is a joy 🙂

  4. wow.. that’s so cool… thanks for sharing Prasad.. all the posts were worthwhile 🙂

  5. Interesting travel destinations.

  6. And yes, Dheeraj’s about Himalayas. 🙂

  7. Congrats! I am already following most of them. Nice to know about new ones.

    When I read about this digest on FB, I could guess about some of the posts from these bloggers & I was so right! Like I knew Mridula’s will be about trekking, Siddhartha’s about people, and Arti’s temples & Ganapati is ever popular. 🙂

  8. It’s a great honor for me to feature on desi traveler as part of the first edition of exclusive desi Travel digest! Yay! Thank you so much, Prasad for your kind words and warm appreciation, means a lot to me. I feel very happy to know that you loved my series on the festival. I totally second your idea of caring and sharing – what a great compilation you have here! Off to check some posts right away.

  9. btw, I’ve shared this post. 🙂

  10. I’m looking forward to the post on sharing of posts. I’m sure it will be another fun read in pure desitraveler-style.

    Thank you for sharing your favourite posts with us. And thank you for the bloglove. 🙂

    All the best for Desi Travel digest. That’s a great idea. 🙂

  11. Hi Prasad Thank you so much for the mention.
    It is an honor for me to be featured here. 🙂

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