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February 2016 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Petra by Night

Hello February, good to welcome you.  Now that the cold spell is in its last leg, and the soul enriching spring with its multiple hues is around the corner  I look forward to a fabulous February for all the readers of desi Traveler.

For February 2016, desktop desi Calendar dear readers may I present to you a picture clicked at  Petra by Night in Jordan.  This picture is part of the most shared post on desi Traveler in the year 2015, and was shared by wonderful readers of desi Traveler more than 2000 times, just on Facebook. You can check the original post on Petra by Night here and help in spreading the magic of Petra by Night one of the must visit experiences that takes you to the magical land of Arabian Nights and Knights Templar  if you follow Hollywood, as the last sequence popular movie Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade was filmed here in Petra.  The movie has 2 of the biggest Hollywood movie stars of all time – Sean Connery and Harrison Ford, playing father and son in search of the holy grail.

PS: Check here for the most shared blog posts on desi Traveler.

So with that little history garnished with Hollywood, I give you Petra by Night on the February 2016 Calendar. 

February 2016 desktop calendar download

Petra by Night – February 2016 desktop calendar

As always you can download the desktop calendar  in 3 sizes


2100 px wide February 2016 Calendar

1600 px wide February 2016  Calendar

1024 px wide  February 2016  Calendar

How to download the February 2016 desktop Calendar: Just right-click any of the links above and save the picture on your computer / laptop / mac etc 

How the picture at Petra by Night  was clicked: It was dark and only light was the one coming from candles in the brown paper bags. I had a small Gorilla Pad that I kept stable on a table top and sat in a corner to avoid all the people watching the show, hence you see a side view of the Treasury or Al Khazneh .

Here is the exif data for the picture

Camera: Camera: Nikon D 7000,

Lens: Nikkor 18-105 f 3.5-5.6 VR Lens

Aperture: F /18 (ideally I should have used around F /12-16 but then I was getting too bright as I wanted a real long exposure)

Shutter Speed: 30 Seconds, hence the need for the tripod / gorilla pod

ISO – 400 (Now after looking at picture I would have used ISO 200 to get less grain as it is a long exposure shot)

Focal Length: 18 mm

Metering: Matrix

The image was processed using Adobe Lightroom  4. 3

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  1. Thats a gorgeous picture. I have been to Petra – many years ago – it is truly a magic place:-)

  2. Indeed a beautiful capture!

  3. That is a beautiful shot.

  4. Awesome photography, Thanks 🙂

  5. Nice capture.

  6. beautiful pic…It’s my desktop now:-)

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