Apr 292009

Traveling To  Sea Coast Digha 

Digha was our first major outing with our elder daughter; she was less than 2 year of age and has just learned to walk properly. We have been living in Kolkota for a few months and wanted to take an out of town holiday. We zeroed in on Ffort Radisson, Sunderbans and Digha. Ffort Radisson lost because of cost, and we were not sure if the hotels in Sunderbans sanctuary area would be able to provide amenities for an adventurous toddler. Misses was afraid what a tiger or a snake may do if the little one adventures in territory of the wild ones.

So Digha it was where we decided to go. A luxury bus was booked and booking were made in so called best hotel of Digha. This hotel is called Hotel Sea cost Digha; I am not sure if it is the best hotel in Digha or not as we have stayed only in this hotel and our experience was not very nice. Digha is about 190 KM from Kolkota and it takes about 5-6 hours by bus.  The bus was fairly comfortable with 2X2 seats and we have booke the seat for the little one also, though it was not needed as per the fair rules of the bus company. But we still decided to book seat for her. This vacant seat was used by misses to keep all the stuff a toddler can need in a 5 hour journey (don’t get me started on the same).

Once we reached our hotel in Digha we unpacked our bags and put our daughter on the bed, now since she has been bound to her seat for last few hours she was very exited to be released from the clutches and started jumping and giggling on the bed. This bed was fairly bouncy and we were enjoying her acrobatics. Suddenly she flew like a misguided missile and landed head on the center table lying next to the bed. For one second there was silence in the room and after that it was filled with cries of the poor kid, her mother and I were screaming more than the kid not knowing what to do. We have noticed this many time whenever our kids are screaming or crying and the two of us don’t know what to do we start screaming and shouting on each other. Earlier princess used to get scared but now she starts screaming with us and typically on me without understanding what is the issue. Whatever happened to the old saying that daughters are closer to fathers, I guess some body needs to tell the same to my daughter. It was with great difficulty and a lot of massage later that we could control the screaming and shouting in the room. The first one to stop was the little princess still sobbing from the pain.

More on Digha trip in the next episode of this blog. Keep reading.

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