May 132009

Once the crying stopped the little one once again came in her elements and decided to explore the room. Kids some how enjoy exploring their surroundings, every corner is treasure island, every curtain is a secret hiding place from a screaming mother trying to force feed the kid. In the course of her expedition she decided to go under the bed and I had to lie down on the floor to try to bring her out of the room. To my horror I discovered that under the bed a lot of trash was lying, it seemed that the hotel [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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Apr 292009

Traveling To  Sea Coast Digha  Digha was our first major outing with our elder daughter; she was less than 2 year of age and has just learned to walk properly. We have been living in Kolkota for a few months and wanted to take an out of town holiday. We zeroed in on Ffort Radisson, Sunderbans and Digha. Ffort Radisson lost because of cost, and we were not sure if the hotels in Sunderbans sanctuary area would be able to provide amenities for an adventurous toddler. Misses was afraid what a tiger or a snake may do if the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]