Aug 052012

A Visit To Charminar in the Old City of Hyderabad during Ramzan




charminar during ramzan
Saif  Poses in Front of Charminar

Today we visited Charminar Once again to soak in the festivities for the holy month of Ramazan. Every single inch around Charminar was decorated and the few inches that were not decorated were occupied for walking. While I will write in details I am posting this picture of Saif Ali who wanted me to post it asap so that he can watch it on this blog.
When I reached my office next day I met an NRI who  hails from Mumbai made this   comment to me ” that I feel that Hyderabad does not have life”…, I just smiled and requested him to visit the old city of Hyderabad if he wants to see first hand what life is all about in Hyderabad.

Indeed the flavors of Hyderabad are unique and endemic to the city of Nizams, due to constant mixing of culutres and religions the old city in my opinion is the real melting pot of Hyderabad and not the IT part where all we have a mixture of glass and concrete to boast of.

bangles in old Hyderabad near charminar
Bangle Seller


The Whole area around Charminar bursts into a riots of colors and aromas and it creates an energy level that can launch a thousand rovers to mars. 


Pearl Seller in Old Hyderabad near Charminar
Pearls Seller And Photo Clicker
Here in old city I could see both a temple and a Dargah in the precincts of Charminar the very symbol of Hyderabad. I saw a man with a long red tilak symbolizing he is hindu sipping Irani Chai( Tea), with his friends who were all wearing the traditional caps of local muslims. I quizzed him what is he doing there in the month of Ramazan and the guy just smiled and said all my friends are fasting and I keep one fast a week during Ramazan so that I also go through the same purification experience as my friends do! Some of his friends fast with him during Navratras! I am not sure where else in India you will find such a spirit to share and care.
At the end of the walk all of us went to an Irani Cafe and had hot cup of authentic Irani chai right here in Hyderabad. The link to earlier visit to Old City is here.

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  1. Nice story. Got a glimpse of Hyderabad from you.

  2. Hi Pattu Raj: First many thanks for being a regular reader of my posts. Also thanks for your comment, and I actually plan to go there once again to click some more pictures.

  3. WE need to go to the old city at least once during Ramzaan , to share the festival spirit. and why not? The throbbing street life, and the gaiety, the colors all make it worth a a while.

    Nice post.

  4. Thanks a lot Ghazala…. Hyderabad is a city built for love of a Prince and his danseuse muse and it shows in its people even today.

  5. Each capture has a heart, very well done 🙂

  6. Hi Sumana:Thanks for your comments. I have lived in a lot of places in India after being born in Delhi and I keep on discovering amazing facts about Hyderabad. Do check the earlier posts about Hyderabad in the blog.

  7. I am glad u bought out the true spirit of the city about being compassionate about each others beliefs 🙂

  8. ultimate….

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