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Download the February 2017 Desktop Calendar – Mercedes & Jungle Goddess

This post is to share the February 2017 desktop calendar for download.  We were exploring the densely wooded hills of Chikmagalur. Before coffee plantations encroached upon forest lands, these hills were home to pristine evergreen jungles home to countless species of flora and fauna. Leave the land alone just for a few years and jungle returns quickly leaving, reclaiming every square inch. I got a first-hand experience of the dense woods of Chikmagalur, on a winding road where the forest canopy was so thick that we had to switch on the car lights in broad daylight. On one of these zigzag turns, I saw a brightly attired idol, that looked abandoned as there were no signs of recent worship, yet the clothes appeared brand new. I walked closer to look at the idol and all I could understand was that the idol appeared to be a goddess wearing bright red saree, and a tongue hanging out of her mouth. Clearly, a warrior goddess for besides green and red bangles in her right hand she also wields a sword and a shield in her hands.  An animal that looks like a bull with sharp horns stands next to her looking at something approaching them. Both the bull and the goddess idol are crudely made using very simple tools without many intricate details in design or craftsmanship. Yet the idols have a captivating power and the setting they were found inside a dense jungle made me wonder who made them, and why did they leave the idol in the jungle ? The whole setting of a dense forest, an abandoned idol wearing dark red clothes in combat mode made me very much interested in the idol.

It was then I had idea to make this picture with a shining Red Mercedes coming in background ( I was doing a small assignment with Better Photography Magazine for Frame the Star contest with Mercedes-Benz India )

This image made in the dense woods of Chikmagalur with a Red Mercedes in background and the idol of Jungle Goddess in foreground is our Calendar image for February 2017

You can download the February 2017 desktop calendar image in 3 sizes for your personal use and share further as a token of thanks to all the readers of desi Traveler blog who come from more than  150 countries around the world.

So here are the 3 sizes that you can download for your personal desktop calendar for February 2017

1024 px wide

1600 px wide

2100 px wide

Red Mercedes and Jungle Goddess Rainforest

Red the most mystical color here on a Mercedes and a Goddess idol – notice the combat readiness of the bull here.

How to download the desktop calendar? Simply right-click the links above for the size you want and download them. If you are unable to download the same due to any reason you can email me or put a comment below and I will send you a copy directly in your mailbox.

Oh BTW, later I learned these idols in the jungles of Chikmagalur are kept by tribal people of Western Ghats to ward off evil spirits. If you happen to know more about them please do share the same with me. You can email using the contact us form on the blog.

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  17 Responses to “February 2017 Desktop Calendar – Jungle Goddess Of Chikmagalur Forest”

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  1. Wow. Superb frame. Loving it 🙂

  2. Great Post and amazing Concept

  3. Wow very interesting about the idols! Thanks for the post.

  4. ya nice pick of jungle goddess N mercedes Benz i mean to say nice concept to bring to sides together

  5. Such a great pic, Prasad. The idol does look very attractive in the midst of all that green and the starburst from the headlights adds some great energy to the frame, making them all come together.

    I love it!! 🙂

  6. very nice

  7. This is really creative, I like the starbursts. Dense forest in Chikmagalur :O that would be divine.
    It’s very kind of you to giveaway the calendar.

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