Sep 282016

Mouth Watering Savouries I brought from Punjab

My biggest joy of being a travel blogger is interacting with other bloggers and look at the world from their eyes.  I have been fortunate to discover some wonderful travel writers and photographers during my journey as a travel blogger and have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of them.  So I was very happy when Chaitali Patel who pens Maps Stamps Memories  asked me to contribute a post about ” Food souvenirs From Punjab”, I jumped at the opportunity and recollected my Roadtrip to Punjab last year and what all I bought from Amritsar and other places in Punjab.

making-of-gur-in-punjab Jaggery making in Punjab

Punjab is a land blessed with bounties of nature

Fortunately, my memories of the trip are still fresh and I was transferred to the Golden Mustard Fields of Punjab where we have stopped and lived our own DDLJ moments

So here is my post that I wrote for Chaitali’s Blog 


Punjab, the name itself is synonymous with great food. I have traveled to the land of Golden Mustard Fields and bountiful orchards just to eat in the little bylanes of Amritsar and stop at roadside dhabas to try the real Punjabi food.

Last winter I was in Punjab and posting pictures of parathas with dollops of white butter when Wife Jee messaged me, “Bring some great Punjabi food items for us. I also need to give some to my friends as they have asked for it too!” Thus began my search for some food souvenirs from Punjab.

Luckily the Punjabis have perfected the art of preserving the food to be carried long distance by creating the best pickles one can get. My first pick was jars of Punjabi pickles from a small shop in Hoshiarpur. We were spoiled for choice of pickles from gobi ( cauliflower) to ginger, lemon, mango, garlic and many other flavors of pickles some spicy and some sweet and sour. Indeed no Punjabi meal is complete without a bit of pickle to go with the roti and parathas.

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