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April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar – A Street Dog In Ladakh


While any travel is out of scope during this 21 day lockdown period in India, there is no shortage of memories of my Ladakh trip. Af for the April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar I share this  street dog I clicked while coming back from Pangong Lake

Here is a bit of back story about the April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar

Tommy, Sheroo, Motee you can call him by any of these names & he responds. I am pretty sure he also understands more than one language besides Hindi like English, Ladakhi, Hebrew, Russian, French, etc. These mongrels in Ladakh are pretty international I am telling you when it comes to understanding the language of love.⠀This charmer totally stole my heart with his eagerness to make friends and enticingly led me to this perfect spot to click him. Dear Tommy, Sheroo, Motee, you are being missed big time. Hopefully, we meet again soon :)⠀

With the April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar, I would also like to appeal to all of you that wherever possible please take care of the stray dogs near your homes. Most of them are dependent on food scraps from local shops, and residents. With shops closed and residents in lockdown, life is tough for them. In the housing society, I live some kind souls have taken the onus to go out ( with proper protection, etc. ) and feed some of our local strays. I am sure more such people are around the country and the bond between Man & his best friend will only strengthen during these tough times.

So dear readers stay indoors, stay safe and contribute towards saving the world, one nap at a time 🙂

Here is the download link for the April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar featuring a street dog with mountains in backdrop clicked somewhere in Ladakh while returning from Pangong Lake, yes, that 3 Idiots walee lake as it is known now  🙁

Let these times of lockdown do not go waste and let us all use our time wisely to ponder over where our life is going and what our actions have been doing to the only planet we have. Already you must be noticing the sky is bluer, the birds are chirpier, and the trees have a fresh look as we have less pollution in the air. Does it tell you something or not? I think we need to change a lot for the sake of mother earth. But as this post is about April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar I will stick to that only and leave you with your thoughts.


Free download April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar - A Street Dog in Ladakh

April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar – A Street Dog in Ladakh

Here are download links to different sizes for the April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar


2100 px wide

1600 px wide

1024 px wide

I hope you would like the April 2020 Wallpaper Calendar and share it with your friends and family. If you want you can also download the same and take a printout for your personal use. The calendar is uploaded in high-resolution and it is good to make poster-size calendars if you want a printout.




With this, I would like to wish you a wonderful April and many thanks for visiting and reading the desi Traveler Blog. I know you have millions of choices and I can’t thank you enough to be reading my little blog 🙂  Have you been to Ladakh? How about sharing your images of Ladakh and tagging me on Instagram? I would love to see and share those images.


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  1. Adorable!!

    I hope you are doing well, Prasad.
    Take care. 🙂

  2. Lovely pic.
    Stay safe. Hope all well soon.

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