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 Download March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar – Spring Flowers at Sunder Nursery Delhi


Hello March, can you please delay the summers a bit? Even if by a few weeks that will be nice for we are enjoying the later rains and the blink and you miss spring of Delhi. Now theoretically Delhi has 4 seasons,  Summers, Winters, Spring and Rains but our spring is absent most years and winters have given way to an extended autumn thanks to global warming and the tonnes of polluted air and suspended particles in Delhi air. Anyways a discussion on changing climate is beyond the scope of my googled Gyan and we will stick to the topic of this blog post that is your free copy of March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar that features Sunder Nursery in Delhi.

If you are not aware of the significance of Sunder Nursery then a bit of googled Gyan will not be out of place before I talk about the March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar. When Lutyen’s Delhi was being built, for some very British reason, the horticulturist of the Raj decided to ignore all the native trees of Delhi and brought in various trees from India, Europe, South America, Africa, etc and they were planted in a nursery in the Sunder Nagar Nursery complex. I am sure it was called something else but I have no idea as I was not born then. So this is where various trees that you find in various avenues of the Lutyens zone were propagated and planted that make the Lutyens zone one of the greenest places in Delhi.  As time passed the various monuments sprinkled around the complex deteriorated and the ruins became home to strays and vandals. Thankfully the Aga Khan Trust decided to revamp the place and painstakingly they restored the glory of the small monuments of Sunder Nursery.

Here I must add that whenever The Aga Khan Trust decides to restore a monument they do a very thorough job and I have myself witnessed the same at the Qutub Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad. As soon as the Sunder Nagar Nursery complex was opened to Janta Janardhan like your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler, it has become a popular spot for prewedding photoshoots, bird watching and learning about trees in Delhi. I have myself been to Sunder Nursery a few times and each time the nursery presents a different avatar as some trees are blooming others are brooding and shedding leaves, some patches are lying vacant while others are flush with flowers. The central fountain takes inspiration from the Mughal Gardens of yesterday and is a delight to walk along.

So the March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar that showcases one of the monuments of Sunder Nursery behind the bold poppy flowers was clicked on one such visit to the Sunder Nursery. This is one of my favorite images I clicked at the Sunder Nursery and now it is yours to download and use as wallpaper calendar for March  2020.


To download the image you can visit  this link >  March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar or click on the image below

Free download March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar Sunder Nursery

Free download March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar Sunder Nursery

Here are the 3 different sizes for the March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar to download

2100 px wide

1600 px wide

1024 px wide


I hope you like the March 2020 Wallpaper Calendar, feel free to download, use as wallpaper or share with your friends and family. This is my way of saying thanks to visiting and reading the desi Traveler blog. I know there are millions of things you could be reading on the web but you chose to be here and that means a lot for this little hobby blog.


With this, I would like to wish you a magnificent March and many thanks for visiting and reading the desi Traveler Blog. I know you have millions of choices and I can’t thank you enough to be reading my little blog 🙂  Do you know a beautiful Bombax tree in your neighborhood? How about clicking images and tagging me on Instagram? I would love to see and share those images.
Location of Sunder Nursery: Sunder Nursery is right next to the famous Humayun’s Tomb, and the nearest Delhi Metro station is Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium Metro, on the Violet line. 
Ticket: You need to buy a ticket at the entry gate, last I visited the entry ticket was INR 30.
Photography is allowed at Sunder Nursery, but if you are doing professional pre-wedding or any other commercial shoot you need to pay for that.
Ample paid parking is available at the complex gate.
Other useful information: If you enjoy gardening then do check the plants for sale at Sunder Nursery as Sunder Nursery , has a decent collection of seasonal and perennial plants, bulbs and seeds that you can purchase for your personal use.

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  1. After visiting Humayun’s Tomb thrice, I got to know about this place.

    It was worth a visit.

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