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  Cycle Silhouette from Majuli Assam -August 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

Majuli Island in Assam has many claims to fame like it is the largest riverine island in the world. It is also home to Vaishnavite monasteries that have continued the tradition of Bhakti via song and dance. I liked Majuli for these as well as many other reasons, the totally magical sunsets being one of them. As the Sun takes a plunge into the mighty Brahmaputra, it changes color from Bright Orange, to yellow to a fierce red.  You fire off your camera as fast as you can because the reflections of the Sun has set the water to fire, a purely magical experience watched perched on a small sand dune on the other bank. After you have clicked your fill of sunset ( as if there is such a thing ), you turn back to see kids cycling on the bank of the river on a stone embankment to stop flood waters entering into the nearby Mishing Tribe’s Villages.

Regular desi Travelers will know my love for the man-powered two-wheeled steed. In big cities now Cycles have become a thing of  passion and something to flaunt on weekend in thigh hugging colorful attire, but in mofussil places like Majuli Island a bicycle is much more, it plays roles varying from a reliable eco-friendly transport to go from fields to home to school and also the trusted steed for a day out with the boys.  But if you go to the old Bollywood movies it will not be difficult to find complete songs filmed on the romantic lead on a picnic on cycles. Man those were the days, those were the days when even a poor boy with only a bicycle to call his own could imagine going on a date! Phew.

Anyways enough of nostalgia let us go to our August 2017 Calendar Wallpaper.  Like I said the image was clicked around dusk at a sand and stone embankment on Majuli Island on the banks of mighty Brahmaputra.

You may want to read my earlier post about that has some more cycling nostalgia.


Cycling Holidays In India 

Silhouette of a boy with cycle Majuli Island Assam India

Boys playing with cycle in Majuli Assam

As always the August 2017 Calendar is available in 3 sizes

2100 Px wide

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1024 Px wide

You are welcome to download, share and print these calendars and they are absolutely free for you with no obligation whatsoever. As they are in high resolution and will not pixelate. In the meantime you may also want to check the July 2017 desi Traveler digest, that is now live on the blog if you have not checked it already. If you will like to participate in the desi Traveler digest, simply follow desi Traveler on Instagram and use #desiTraveler in your Instagram images.

And before we sign off from this edition of desi Traveler monthly desktop calendar, may I share this video of forest man of India – Padma Shri. Jadav ‘Molai’ Payeng , who  created the largest man-made forest in India right here in Majuli. See I told you Majuli has many claims to fame and this wonderful forest created by Molai Da is one of the biggest reason to visit Majuli.

Some more posts on Majuli Island are coming, watch this space.  Also if you would like to visit Majuli, my friends at Darter Photography are conducting a mentored photography tour to Majuli and Hornbill Festival in December. Check in out.

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  1. I am also from Assam.Glad that u enjoyed our ground!!!

  2. Looks great! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I loved the video on Majuli !!! Brilliant work 🙂

  4. that is gorgeous 🙂

  5. Looks amazing and creative.
    Thanks for sharing it, just download it and going to make it my mobile wallpaper.

  6. One of my favorite photo from your calendar . Awesome post.

  7. Very interesting indeed, Majuli Islands seem to be a great place to visit and relax, will try to visit when possible

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