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Check out the July 2017 desi Traveler Digest From Instagram

There is an old saying imitation is the best form of flattery. So I am not sure should I be happy or should I be angry, when I discovered that not only many people have opened fake desi Traveler blogs/ Facebook and Instagram accounts some of them are even calling their account “ OFFICIAL“, playing on singular plural/underscore etc in the spellings of desi Traveler. But I am very confident that the copycat accounts will always remain Copy Cats. In fact recently on a Facebook discussion, some of the well-known bloggers we were discussing Copy Cats and since the similar term in Hindi is Nakalchi Bandar we decided to call them Copy Bandars. Where Nakalchee Bandar means a monkey who copies.  A friend even suggested I should take legal action against the Copy Bandar accounts, but I don’t think that is necessary as those who read desi Traveler they do know who the original desi Traveler is. And how long do you think one can survive on copied/stolen content and sponsoring it on FB  / Insta to get likes?

Anyways let the Copy Bandars do their job, and let me do mine. So dear reader I present to you desi Traveler digest July 2017 sourced from wonderful desi Travelers from around the world.

Our first image is from engineer and traveler Ramprasad GI who is currently based in Bangalore. We first met in Hyderabad during some of the photo walks and later also traveled together to Hampi. Here he shares one of his Silhouettes that represents the changing face of the city as trees are replaced by construction cranes.

The second image is from Nidhi Joshi,  who has just moved to Hyderabad and has started exploring the city and surroundings. This image she clicked in Srisailam, showcasing the Shiva on wall art. Check her account and images below.
Our third image is by Paul and Alina, a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, Irish and German traveling couple. In February 2014, they met in Amazing Thailand and decided that traveling and being free was the life they wanted to live. Though they shared many images with desi Traveler hashtag, I particularly like this one as it shows a farm in Laos. I like the story in the image that showcases how travel can help the local economy. While the tourists/traveler get a slice of local life by working in rice fields the money that they pay to get this experience is directly going to the local community. A win win situation for all.
In our next image, we have my the FAVORITEST traveler ( yes Favoritest is a word, I just coined it ),  The Tiny Taster, aka Roxanne Bamboat, showing us a part of Shanghai that most visitors to Shanghai will never see. Yes, even I was surprised when I read that this place is in Shanghai. Are you not glad that a slice of Old Shanghai is still around and thank you, Roxanne, for showing it to us. I have been longing to go to China for some time now, and till this happen I have been stalking her on her Instagram feed from China. Go ahead check it out.
You will remember Vijaykirti, the Benaras Ki Chhori from an earlier desi Travel digest, here she joins with her soulmate Paresh, a Chhora from MP ( ok those of you don’t know desi Hindi, FYI >> Chhori = girl, Chora = Boy ). Together they have created this fabulous Instagram handle @thedoubletdiary
Next, let us meet Pinky Sharma Gaur, you may have noticed her with her hubby in an earlier post about SelfieExpert Oppo phone. Sometime back she started her own Instagram account and is already making waves with her unique earthy style and 100 % desi attitude. She and her hubby Tarun recently went on a long Rahi On Road Trip to Goa and this picture is from a Goa Beach. We
In next image Aniruddha Bohra shares the iconic Flatiron Building, from 5th Avenue, Manhattan New York City, I especially like this image for the Black and White processing, that gives it a very classical look.
When I was working on this post, it was 29th July, the International Tigers Day, and boy was I glad that Jayanti Pandey has shared this beautiful tiger family from Ranthambore National Park.  The post has two images swipe it to see a closer look at the majestic tigress.
Next, we have Gargi Manish, taking us to a rare point of view of the iconic Qutub Minar in Mehrauli, Delhi. Mehrauli is one of the oldest cities of Delhi and from the time of Tomar kings and later also it was the seat of power before the capital shifted to other places at the whims and fancies of the future kings. One of the biggest reason to visit Mehrauli for any architecture and heritage monument lover is that it is here in the Mehrauli you find the first True Arch ever made in India. Have you seen it? If not visit the tomb of Sultan Balban and search for it in Mehrauli Archeological Park. 
Our next image is this mysterious solo traveler girl who just identifies herself as Not Just Backpacker,  that is all the information available about her, but then as long as she is sharing these beautiful images, let us check the images and let her enjoy her travels as she wants to.
The next image with a very zen like minimal composition is from the traveler and author Taufan Gio, from Indonesia. We first met during the first Kerala Blog Express and then during Trip Of Wonders, in Indonesia.
Next, let us meet Priyanka Singh Sharma and her daughter. Now, this image technically should have been part of the Mothers Day series that I did earlier. But for some strange reason this image never showed up in the search and now for equally strange reasons, Instagram popped it up on my timeline. Well better late than never, so here is another image that was part of my mothers day series and was shared by Priyanka.
Next, let us check this image of Nubra Valley Ladakh shared by Nityananda Mukherjee

The next two images by Saumy Nagayach, and Arpa Ghosh deserve special mention. There are two reasons for them. First, the images are absolutely beautiful and second, they have been some of the biggest supporters of desi Travel digest and although they were featured earlier they have continued to share their images. So by sharing their images once again, I want to clear this myth that your images can be shared only once on desi Traveler digest. Well, the rule is very simple to use #desiTraveler, tag and follow me on Instagram, and if your image is something that I like I would love to share it here on desi Traveler blog. Hey Saumy and Arpa, thanks a lot for your support please keep on sharing more of your beautiful images. Would love to share them with readers of desi Traveler Blog. 🙂 🙂 🙂

With this, we come to an end of this July 2017 edition of desi Traveler digest sourced from wonderful photographers and travelers on Instagram. All the readers of desi Traveler blog are welcome to join this journey just follow me on Instagram and use #desiTraveler. Keep Traveling, Keep Sharing.
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  1. Really? So many bogus desi ‘travelers’ out there? ‘Official?’ Seriously? That’s too much. And too bad.
    But let me tell you my friend — This also means — YOU’VE MADE IT!!

    Another great set of instaimages
    It’s when I see these posts that I remember about the hashtag, that will let me play desitraveler for a bit 😉 This week, pucca!! 🙂

  2. That is an impressive collection!

  3. Thanks a lot for the kind words and featuring my picture here for the second time, Prasad. It is always wonderful to listen to your views on each picture you post in the Travel Digest. For most of us featured here, it’s more like a stamp that “we exist” on instagram, and a certificate from the best in the business. 🙂

    Love the collection here. Also, the ‘Shanghai’ post is truly magical! 🙂

    • Hi Saumy… So glad you liked the post and thanks for participating. We are all learning here and no body is stamping anybody.. I am sure Roxanne will be happy to read this comment 🙂

  4. Hi desi traveler
    Thank you so much for featuring our picture in this story.

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