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Koh Kradat aka Deer Island Koh Chang Thailand February 2018 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

When I wrote a blog post about ” What To Do in Koh Chang Thailand one of the activities I mentioned was a visit to Koh Kradat aka Deer Island. The Deer here were introduced sometime back and as there are no natural predators they are enjoying a blissful life on an abundant supply of juicy greens and an occasional coconut that may drop from one of the thousands of coconut trees on Koh Kradat.  For the February 2018 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper, I am sharing with you a picture postcard image from Koh Kradat or Deer Island near Koh Chang in Thailand.

While I say there are thousands of Coconut trees on the Deer Island only this one tree is bending in a unique way reaching out to the sea.  This unique shape and positioning of this Coconut Tree make it very special and you get a very picture postcard kind of feeling when you look at it. I am not sure how the tree got this unique shape where it first grew almost horizontally parallel to the ground and then started growing diagonally towards the sky.  Maybe it was uprooted during a storm? Maybe it got injured as a baby tree but rather than dying it decided to continue to grow even if it was parallel to the ground till it gained strength to start reaching for the sky once again. Maybe it is the tree’s way to go with the flow on the windy beach? I mean who knows these things and how nature works, all I know is of the thousands of trees on the Deer Island in Koh Chang Thailand there is this one tree that leans towards the sea and then grows again towards the sky and makes for a drop dead gorgeous picture. Add to it our mysterious mermaid-like girl in the picture and I am sure you want to pack the bags and board first flight to Thailand.

So dear reader for the February 2018 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper may I give you the Mysterious girl from Koh Kradat aka Deer Island in Koh Chang Thailand.

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Free download February 2018 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper from Thailand

February 2018 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper from Deer Island Koh Chang

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