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 May 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – Indian Laburnum Tree / Golden Shower In Bloom


The May 2019 Wallpaper Calendar from desi Traveler is an image you may have seen a few times already. It is the Amaltas aka Indian Laburnum Tree or Golden shower called so due to its golden yellow flowers that give an illusion of Gold Necklaces hanging from the tree.

But first a bit of the back story about my love for Amaltas trees.

I have always loved trees, more so flowering trees. Growing up I was torn between the Ruby Red flowers of Gulmohur and the Golden showers of Amaltas. Two things clinched the deal in favor of Amaltas. The shallow rooted Gulmohur or Delonix regia is an import from Madagascar while Amaltas aka Cassia fistula is 100 % desi just like me jee. But more than the desi / pardesi connection it was the Ghost scaring properties of the Amaltas fruit that clinched the deal. You see the dark tubular almost foot long Amaltas fruit pod when kept under the pillow scares the ghosts away, and that my dear reader was a very big deal for the budding Ghost Buster cum Vampire Slayer that yours truly aspired to be while growing up. Besides ghost busting properties Amaltas also has many medicinal uses that I learned later. But even if it had no other properties and no flowers also the Ghost busting effect of its fruit was enough for me to be a lifelong fan of Amaltas. Anyways I have seen Amaltas blooming all the way from Kerala where it is the state flower to the serpentine hill roads of Kangra and the dust bowl of Gurgaon where this image was clicked using my 8 mm Rokinon fisheye lens.

Thanks to the Fisheye lens this juvenile Amaltas tree actually appears to be largish compared to the highrises around it. In reality, the tree is no larger than 10-12 feet, a very juvenile Amaltas that actually can grow to a height of around 40 feet.

How the image for the May 2019 Wallpaper Calendar was made :

I stood directly under the flowering canopy of the Amaltas tree taking the buildings in the corner of the frame. As it was around 3-4 pm in the day I had to use a high F number to cut out most of the harsh light, that helped in bringing the bluish tones of the sky ( which was otherwise totally washed out), and the high F stop also helped in getting the apartment complex also in sharp focus. Though in a fisheye lens that is not an issue even at lower apertures.

So dear reader I hope you will have a great month of May ahead and I do hope you get to travel to some cooler place if you are in Northen Hemisphere.  To download the absolutely free May 2019 Wallpaper Calendar just right click the size you want and save it on your PC / Laptop etc.

As always the free May 2019 Wallpaper Calendar comes in 3 sizes  and you don’t have to fill any forms, sign up for any newsletter, etc. ( though it would be nice if you follow the blog via email or on social media 🙂 )

2100 px wide on the long edge
1600 px wide on the long edge
1024 px wide on the long edge


Free Downlaod May 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

Free Download May 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – Amaltas or Golden Shower Tree in bloom


This is not the only Amaltas tree I have clicked ( and I have clicked a few 🙂  ).

Check a few of my Amaltas tree images in the links below >

  1. Amaltas Tree Kangra Valley
  2. Amaltas Tree Taj Krishna Hyderabad 


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