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November 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – Baijnath Temple Uttarakhand

“A Charming Village Grew Around It”.

That, in a nutshell, is the story of the colorful town of Baijnath that grew around Baijnath Temple Complex near Kausani where Bloggers Bus stopped for some time and I was able to click this image of Baijnath Temple Complex for the November 2019 wallpaper calendar.
The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati is believed to be 800 + years old. The beauty of Kumaon is that most of its temples are “Jagrit temples “, meaning the deity is actively worshiped & if prayed from a pure heart your wishes are granted.
A charming village in the glorious colors of India has grown around the Baijnath temple complex that can be approached from the Gomti River by stairs. Many idols lie around the complex ( like the one I shared a few days ago). While photography inside the main temple is not allowed you can click around the temple complex. This picture I am sharing is something I missed clicking last time when I visited Baijnath Temple and hoped to click on this visit. I must thank Baba Baijnath as my wish was granted.

From my first visit to Baijnath temple, when the riverfront was being developed a lot has happened. The riverfront now has proper ghats ( stairs ) to go down the river that has been slowed down using a small dam so that visitors can cherish the time at the temple complex without any worries. Outside the main temple, there are many smaller shrines and stone idols that are strewn around the complex, like this one I clicked using my SSTPhone.

What you see in this image is the Baijnath Temple complex as seen from the busy highway above, the main active temple now has a tin roof while the other shrines that are no longer in active use but offer a glimpse of the glorious past that led to the development of the town around the complex. Maybe the complex was even bigger earlier but over the period as the town grew around it some of the shrines were lost to the vagaries of nature while others to the greed of humans. Whatever may be the case it is our collective responsibility to make sure that the remaining complex remains in the best of shape for the generations to come.

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Free Download November 2019 wallpaper calendar Baijnath Temple Uttarakhand

November 2019 Wallpaper Calendar Baijnath Temple Uttarakhand

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  2. Hii, Thanks for sharing useful information. I enjoyed your Blog.

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