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Download October 2018 Calendar Wallpaper: Featuring Koh Chang Thailand

Dear reader, you are welcome to download the October 2018 Calendar Wallpaper from desi Traveler blog.

When I wrote my post about Island Hopping In Koh Chang Thailand, it immediately became one of the most read and shared blog posts on the desi Traveler blog. Now I will leave it for you to decide if the credit should go to the beautiful islands of Koh Chang that are perfect for diving, snorkeling, water sports, or just simply counting waves from your hammock, or our alluring Pema who graced the images clicked at this remote island known to few and frequented by even fewer, and now all yours to adorn your desktop or if you like to print things then your wall.

You may want to check the complete post about my island hopping in Koh Chang Thailand, by clicking the image below

As the winters approach many of you will be making plans for holidays during festival season and later during Christmas and New Year holidays, and may I suggest Koh Chang in Thailand once again? Actually why just Koh Chang, almost all islands I have been to in Thailand be it Phuket, Koh Samui or Koh Chang they are all perfect gateways from India for a fun-filled family holiday or even for a cozy couple get away.

But in the meantime ladies and gentlemen may I present to you the 100 % free to download October 2018 Calendar Wallpaper, featuring Pema Choden Tenzin Editor and Founder of Yeewong Magazine Bhutan without whom this series on Koh Chang Thailand was not possible. 


As always the October 2018 Calendar wallpaper for free download also comes in 3 sizes

1024 px on the wide edge
1600 px on the wide edge
2100 px on the wide edge


Free download October 2018 Calendar Wallpaper Koh Chang Trat Thailand

October 2018 Calendar Wallpaper Koh Chang Trat Thailand

How to download your free copy of October 2018 Calendar Wallpaper?

To download your free copy of October 2018 Calendar Wallpaper from the sunny beaches of Koh Chang Thailand simply right click any of the links above and save the file on your PC / Laptop etc. and then use it as your monthly desktop calendar. The images are in high resolution and you are welcome to take printouts, like & share further with no obligation to sign, follow or subscribe 🙂 This is my way of thanking all the wonderful readers of desi Traveler blog.

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  1. Ah! those shades of blue! What a gorgeous sight!!

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