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Great Lakes Trek – Kashmir

Hello, travelers, our guest authors, filmmakers  & Travelers ( not necessarily in that order )  Tina & Debarup Mukherjee are back with a wonderful photo story and travel film – “Escape To Kashmir “about the  Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.  Check out the images, article and the short travel film that is winning hearts and inspiring travelers around the world to travel. Kudos to Debarup &  Tina for sharing their passion to travel & making this beautiful movie on Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir – Escape to Kashmir . Needless to say, this is a real trek not like the Bollywood Style Treks  shown in our movies 🙂

Great Lakes Trek Kashmir

The road less traveled

Over to Tina & Debarup Mukherjee 

There is only one World, one life and only one you. So, why wasting time!? Don’t be the one who says not traveling, not perusing their dream is their biggest regret.

Well, even I don’t want to regret myself also. That is why I took the final decision to visit Kashmir this year in July 2018. But it was not a normal trip of Kashmir like visiting Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, going for sightseeing etc. It was an alpine trek called Kashmir Great Lakes or KGL Trek. Many people don’t know about this trek till now. So it is quite unexplored by most of the people.

Great Lakes Trek

Well before I give you the details about this trek, I am requesting you to watch this travel film made by me on this trek and it is called “Escape to Kashmir”

As the situation of Kashmir is not stable most of the time, it was quite hard for me to take the decision for traveling in Kashmir and doing this trek. Most of the people only said negative things about Kashmir, they were giving me negative all the time. But I and my wife were determined to this. So we started our journey on 7th July 2018 from Kolkata and rest is history. We completed a life-changing journey of our life, trekked through 7 unknown lakes in the breathtaking valley, crossed 3 high altitude passes and completed nearly 80 km in 7 days.

Great lakes trek Kashmir India

Mountains, Glaciers, rivers you will meet all on the Great Lakes Trek


Sheep herd Kashmir

A herd of curious sheep

a mountain stream Kashmir Great Lakes trek

solo girl trekking Kashmir India

So here is the detailed itinerary of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

  • Total Trek Days: 8 Days (Basically it takes 7 days but you should keep 1 Day as Buffer day)
  • High altitude you will gain during this trek: 14,000 ft+
  • High altitude passes you will cross: 3 (Nichnai, Gadsar & Zazpass)
  • Total Lakes you will see: 7+
  • No Physical test needed
  • Trek Season: June end week to September first week
  • Difficulties: It is a moderate trek
Great Lakes Trek - small lake Kashmir

Crystal clear waters of one of the lakes


A mountain river Great lakes trek Kashmir

A river makes her own path – Great Lakes Trek Kashmir

Day 1: Fly to Srinagar – Drive to Sonamarg Base Camp, Shitkadi (4 hrs of travel by car)

Day 2: Sonamarg to Nichnai Camp via Shekdur – 9 km trek (6-7 hrs)

Day 3: Nichnai Camp to Vishansar camp via Nichnai Pass – 11 km (6-8 hrs)

Day 4: Vishansar Camp to Gadsar Camp via Vishansar Lake, Krishansar Lake twin lakes and crossing Gadsar Pass and Gadsar Lake – 10 km – (6-8 hrs)

Day 5: Gadsar Camp to Satsar through Satsar lakes – 12 km (6-7 hrs)

Day 6: Satsar to Gandarbal & Nundkol twin lakes Camp at the foot of Mt. Harmukh – 9 km (5-6 hrs)

Day 7: Gandarbal to Naranang – 11 km (6-7 hrs)

Naranag to Srinagar by Car.

Great Lakes Trek Kashmir

wild flowers Kashmir

Wildflowers were plenty on the way

You can contact local Kashmiri trekking agencies for this trek. They are very very experienced, reliable and well organized. We got a good tent, sleeping bags, food, and guides.

Campsite Great Lakes Trek Kashmir

One of the campsites during the Great Lake Trek Kashmir

Camping during Great Lake Trek Kashmir India

Good Tent is a must for the Great Lake Trek

This trek is the prettiest trek among the other treks in India. This is one of the beautiful treks where you can get all variety of natural aspects like the lush green meadow, grassy shores of the lakes, glacier lakes, wide valley where sheep graze, horses run, crossing the streams, Maple forest, boulders crossing, colorful flowers and divine view of snow clad mountains.

Lastly, I would say, not everyone gets chance to go that close to nature, if you want to go and feel the nature truly then Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is highly recommended for you. Go and get lost into this ethereal beauty.

man sitting on rock Kashmir

One day you will remember these as the good old days

Debarup & Tina Mukherjee

       Tina & Debarup Mukherjee

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Horse on Lake bank Kashmir

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Night sky kashmir India

Night Sky during the Great Lakes Trek

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  1. wow its great lovely view of mountains its really a heaven I really want to be there thanks will plan shortly your post will help me alot

  2. Hi Tina and Debarup! I heart the video and the captures. It is mesmerising and has filled me with awe. Did you guys went all by yourself or was there a trekking and camping group that you have joined? If yes, then which group was that? I loved the entire curation and so thankful to land on your blogpost. Cheers!!

  3. Beautiful post! Kashmir is one of my favorite places in India. I loved the youtibe video. Waiting to watch more! 🙂

  4. Oh wow!!! Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes!!
    And that’s a lovely, inviting video.

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