Aug 172012
As I have written in past philanthropy  in India normally means going to temple to donate soiled currency notes or install fans on the ceilings of Dharam Shala in a  holy town like Benaras.
Some more adventurous ones will get a bench installed in a park with the names of their seven generations painted on bench to forever kiss the bottoms of the people using the bench.(Why do people do that to their ancestors?)
Some companies have  a robust CSR or corporate social responsibility initiative which in many cases is just an annual photo op kind of event.
man on cycle with helmet
Tried My Hand At Panning Shots
So when I was invited to the “Freedom Ride” by  The Atlanta Foundation on 15th of August, our independence day I was very happy to attend and was looking forward to the same. Soon I got invitations from more than one source for the same event, and one of them was from one of the photography club I am a member, also present in full force were my friends from GHAC.
boy with helmet on cycle
A Young Cyclist
It was a wonderful opportunity to try my hands at some panning shots, but it was also wonderful to see 100s of young, old and not so young enthusiastic people who were there at the Gachibowli stadium at the crack of dawn to participate in the race. I have never seen so many people lining up to participate in a social cause that too where they would happily sweat to help raise money for  underprivileged students.
A lot of families were there with there  young ones and they were more enthusiastic to participate than some of the grown up. And true to the Indian tradition to add fun to every activity there were cheerleaders in form of Dhol and Bhangra group making us dance to their beats.
indian cheerleaders dancing
Bhangra Group
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indian tricolor flag balloons
Balloon Darwaza
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