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Karnataka Forest Department Rest House- Staying in the middle of Bandipur Tiger Reserve

As part of our training for the Eco Volunteer Training program jointly organized by Karnataka Forest department, Eco Tourism Development board of Karnataka and Jungle lodges and resorts we had two options of stay:

  1. Stay in absolutely beautiful  and bordering luxurious JLR resort and pay around 17 thousand Rupees
  2. Stay in absolutely beautiful but basic Forest department residential complex in Bandipur Tiger reserve and pay around 4800 Rs.

Which one do you think most of us chose? Hell we are volunteers, and chose the second option and stayed in the forest department complex. The complex is well aged, surrounded by lush green forest the only eyesore being the Ooty Mysore highway passing right next to it. But this highway is an eyesore for the Bandipur Tiger reserve and is a cause of many deaths of both humans and wildlife.

tusker elephant at Bandipur Tiger Reserve

This domestic Tusker Sneaked so close to me that I could get only part of him in frame

The complex is basic but was good enough for us with JLR trying to pitch in wherever possible to help us. We were served simple but tasty breakfast and dinner and the rooms had attached bathroom with running solar heated water and some centipedes running here and there. But hey we are in middle of jungle and I was expecting some snakes in wild, so centipedes were actually a disappointment.

But the best part was seeing hundreds (yes hundreds) of Spotted deer who have made the complex their night camping ground. One could see them from just about touching distance when they would move away. The wild boar family camping in the campus was a little less adjusting and forced us to change path every time the big male or the mom of about a dozen piglet came around.  In the night the eyes of the spotted deer glowed like a thousand stars on the ground, looking at you in a haunting way.

spotted deer at forest rest house Bandipur

Herds of Spotted Deer Come to Graze at Forest Rest House Bandipur

We tried clicking some pictures of the deer in the night , though the results were not very good, I still thought of sharing the picture with you over here.

The Bandipur forest department residential complex is also the night camp for one of the tame tusker, who surprised me one morning by silently sneaking next to me, but it was a harmless encounter just like the wild elephants of Nagarhole that I saw some time back who made a mock attack on our bus.

A Family of Wild Boar with piglets at Bandipur

Family Fun- Wild Boar Family at Bandipur Forest Rest House

Large Tame Tusker Bandipur

The Tusker did some acrobatics to get to higher branches

Bee Eater Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Bee Eater looking for I guess Bees!

Most of our mornings in the complex were spent clicking pictures of deer and birds around us, and the evenings were spent watching movies on wildlife and debating on how we city folks can contribute to tiger conservation.  We could hear the sounds of jungle whole night with wild boards and leopards trying to outdo each other. The fresh air of jungle did something magical and no matter at what time I slept next day early morning I would get up to the “peoh peoh” of peacocks near by. This series of mine on Eco Tourism Volunteer training program is a result of that debate and is part of my efforts to raise awareness about the efforts Karnataka forest department is taking to involve citizens in tiger conservation in a transparent and scientific matter. It was good staying in the Forest Rest house, right in the middle of Bandipur Tiger reserve, you can check this link to get more information about booking the same.  It is a good idea to book the Forest Rest House well in advance as they are popular owing to the low-cost and excellent location. Keep in mind that visiting Forest officers, and other government employees are given priority when making a booking. So call the numbers given in the link earlier. This link will give you specific information about various Forest Rest houses in Karnataka National Parks and Sanctuaries. You can also ping them on Facebook here. The Karnataka Forest department help line number is 18004251314 (Toll Free)

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  1. I would like to enquire about Bandipur forest govt cottages. Whom do we contact

  2. actually i want stay at bandipur forest rest house(which one inside the forest).so any body can help me?

  3. can some one share the contact numbers for the forest department of Karnataka – to book a forest guest house

  4. planning to visit forest and want to stay 1 night can you tell how to book the room ?

  5. Kindly advice me. what is the procedure to get the room.

  6. Great picture collection!
    I think this park is most beautiful and better-managed national parks of India. Wild bore family is main attraction of your post specially their kids are so cute.

  7. Wow. It sounds absolutely magical there. I can’t even imagine falling asleep each night to the sounds of the jungle like that. Absolutely beautiful. And all that wildlife!? Just outstanding.

  8. very useful post 🙂 didn’t know that FRH can be booked thanks

  9. Thank you making such an informative post with wonderful pictures…… Loved the Tusker shot most………

  10. Prasad, these are some stunning shots!! Loved them and the detail in them. Great concept of EcoTourism and loved the idea of watching movies of wildlife to educate each other

  11. A very good and informative post Prasad Sir! Place added to my list.. btw what would be the best season to visit? especially for the glimpse of wild life.

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