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Guess What We Did For Escapers 17 in Myanmar & Singapore

So I was missing in action, as I was busy with action, completing one challenge after another as a participant from India for Escapers 17.  If you are following my Instagram account then you may be aware that I was on a whirlwind tour of Singapore, Myanmar and back to Singapore for this one of a kind challenge. For Escapers travel writers/photographers and Instagrammers have gathered together on invitation from Accor Hotels Group and Tiger Air  / Scoot Airlines sponsored  Escapers 17.

If you have not followed my journeys for Escapers 17 then my dear reader may I most humbly ( though modesty is not one of my virtues ) request you to follow desi Traveler on Instagram? After all, I am struggling on the long road to success on Instagram as I mentioned in this post showcasing ( read loudmouth announcements ) boring statistics and  Kaanfusing acronyms from the chequered history of your friendly neighborhood tIndia travel blog known as desi Traveler, but most people spelling it as DESI TRAVELLER.

Anyways long story short, let the letter sent be considered as Telegram ( a poor translation from that enriching saying – Chitthe Bhejee hai Taar Samajhna ” or I have sent you a letter but please accord it the same urgency that you will to a telegram. So I was participating in Escapers 17 as only one of the two travel bloggers from India, the other one being Dr. Mridula Dwivedi of Travel Tales from India & Abroad. The idea was to join the challenge that took us from Singapore to Myanmar and then back to Singapore. Each day started early morning around 5 am as we had flights to catch and hotels to change and while on the flight also there was no time to sleep as we had challenges to complete. Net-net, not a free moment jee.  But even with all the rush, moving from one hotel to another, one airport to next one challenge to the next one, I have never had so much fun as I had on this trip. What with fellow bloggers from countries like

  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar 
  • Singapore

all traveling together and not just competing but also collaborating for various challenges and that my friend is the essence of  Escapers, though we competed we also bonded, we raced with each other but we also reached out to each other and some of us are now close friends with promises to meet when we visit each others’ country.

While I will be sharing the details about the destinations visited in Myanmar in coming posts in this particular post let me take you through some of my favorite images that were clicked and shared on Instagram by bloggers and photographers from various countries as part of the Challenges for Escapers 17.  I loved each of these pictures and I am sure this will give you some idea as a curtain raiser about what we did during Escapers 17 before I start sharing more detailed posts. Each of the images is self-explanatory and the copyright to the same is with the respective photographer as per the Instagram account.


The first image is of the Pickled Tea Leaf Salad i.e. Lephet Thoke, each one of the teams made for the Food Challenge. But making salad was only part of the challenge, the real deal was to go to a local street side market and buy the ingredients. Now this market is run by local tribal women who do not speak English and my English as you know is itself of Hindi medium, thus it was fun communicating with them in sign language and nods and loads of big smiles. As the recipe uses fish oil and dried shrimps being vegetarians we were allowed to make the vegetarian Pickled Tealeaf Salad. If you are wondering how was it then visit the image clicked by me here for our desi vegetarian version of Lephet Thoke.
The second image above is women making yarn from threads manually extracted from Lotus stems. It is a tedious process and can take weeks to make a single scarf.
These kids enjoying in water above are young monks enjoying in water during a hot day. I love the energy and vibes in this picture.
This is the classic Inle Lake shot by Satya Winnie, where she captures the fisherman on a boat as a silhouette as the fisherman tries to capture some fish. I think this shot is kind of insignia of Inle Lake
The above soulful capture was at the Shwedagon Pagoda by Jon Lister, who was capturing our antics on his camera for making the official video of the Escapers 17
The above picture by Isaac Tan captures the design and opulence of our stay at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa, one of the most beautiful resorts I have stayed in Singapore.
Above you find Japanese traveler Yuko Watanabe, enjoying a moment of bliss at poolside of Novotel Inle Lake.
This picture above by Mar Pages is my thanks to our sponsors-Scoot / Tiger Air as they hauled us from different parts of the world to Myanmar. Besides the artistic beauty of the image, I also like this as it represents the daily flights we took from one city to another during the Escapers 17. Yet each one of us did with a smile as we were having so much fun.
Above we have boy wonder Raffles, who at all of 9 years was the youngest participant in Escapers 17, but don’t go by his age, check out about him and how he kicked ass and won many prizes with panache.
I am sure this littleLama above, captured by  Dr. Mridula Dwivedi is the cutest baby Lama you have ever seen/ Just look at the twinkle in his eyes and the shy smile with.
The last picture below was clicked by yours truly from my less than 9000 Rs mobile phone from the window seat of ATR 72 of Myanmar National Airways, on the way to Heho Airport for Inle Lake. This image is very special for me as for this image I won a photography prize that will take me to yet another country I have never been to.  Talk about desi Luck 🙂 

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  1. Wow, you had so much fun! It must have been one of its kind trip.

    Love each of the shots ☺️

  2. All the photos are excellent and tell the gist of your wonderful trip. 🙂

    When you posted that photo of airplane a few days back, I jumped with joy. How lucky you were to get that shot!! This is one of the best shots of airplane shadow I have ever seen. Congrats for your win to another also.

  3. Amazing pictures and of course the one you’ve clicked is also too good.

  4. Lovely collection of photos. Congratulations, for your award! A recognition well deserved 🙂
    Waiting for your remaining posts 🙂

  5. What a beautiful collection, the trip was fast but so much fun!

  6. Lovely post once again… Loved every pic specially the sunset behind the fisherman.. Great work

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