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 Tropical Paradise Island of Arborek Raja Ampat Indonesia on July 2017 Calendar by desi Traveler

It is time for the July 2017 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar, and as promised this month we go back to Indonesia. Arborek Village to be precise in Raja Ampat.

Half the year is gone, but luckily half the year is ahead of us and what better way to celebrate the month of July by revisiting the little Tropical Paradise Island of Arborek in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.  I still remember every moment I spent in Raja Ampat and especially in Arborek, how I got lost on this tiny island where you reach the beach after walking for less than 5 minutes. If you are wondering how I could have got lost in such a tiny island well then you need to read my blog post.

Getting Lost in Arborek Tourism Village Raja Ampat Indonesia

The blue skies and bluer waters of Raja Ampat are calling me back, I am not sure what happened to my application for the job of testing hammocks on Raja Ampat. Maybe I will start a desi Restaurant there, serving 100 % desi Khana, I am sure it will have a lot of demand? You never know but all I would sure like to say is if you are looking for a pristine tropical island with some of the best diving facilities and beautiful marine life you have to go to Raja Ampat in Indonesia. You will thank me once you are back.

I miss my little friends from Arborek and I do hope they miss their friend Prasad from India. I wonder if I will ever be going back to Arborek and if so if those kids will remember me? Maybe I will carry some prints of their pictures for them when I go there?

Anyways let me talk a little less ( Joke !!  ), and go back to the picture on the July 2017 Calendar for download. The image features a shack right on the beach with some Mangroves starting their life as you move towards the water. Over next few years, these mangroves will grow and protect the shack from strong tropical winds.

So dear reader for the July 2017 Calendar for download I give you this little corner from the little island of Arborek in Raja Ampat Papua Indonesia. The blog post on Arborek has more details about Arborek Tourism Village.

July 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper - Shack on Beach Raja Ampat

July 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper from Arborek Village Raja Ampat Indonesia

You are welcome to download and share further the July 2017 Calendar. As always it comes in 3 sizes

2100 px wide on long edge

1600 px wide on long edge

1024 px wide on long edge

In order to download the July 2017 calendar for your desktop right click any of the sizes you want and save it. Yes, that simple. This is my way of thanking all my wonderful readers who have a choice of going to millions of blogs worldwide yet they shower desi Traveler with so much affection that sometimes I wonder, “Boy, am I lucky or what ?” Thanks a lot, wishing you a happy July and safe travels.

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  1. Beautiful I hope Someday My Luck favours me in getting this Desi not exactly Desi Calender!

  2. I remember the Raja Ambat post and the kids you met there. 🙂

    What a pleasant picture — lovely sky and water. I wish I could walk into that picture. Such a pretty frame, Prasad. 🙂

  3. Beautiful desktop wallpaper, I wish to get something like this in my real life

  4. what a beauty 🙂

  5. nice picture…keep sharing

  6. amazing article 🙂

  7. lovely …the blue is so beautiful

  8. A vernacular house, beach and wind are all my absolute favorite things. It looks so inviting, I want to be there. It must have been so heavenly there.

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