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Lufthansa’s first in-flight announcement by a kid

I am big on family travel and love traveling with my children. So I could never agree with the debate in flying circles that families with kids should be sent to the back of the plane and other such ideas floating around. We, Indians, are anyway big on traveling with family including kids and now with so many Indian families traveling to far away destinations, one is always looking for a kid-friendly airline.

We have enjoyed our VVIP moments, thanks to our children, when a smiling airline hostess has asked us to jump queue and move to plane because she felt the kiddo is too cute. (I have always agreed with people who consider my kids cute as they take after their dad :)). But on the plane, it is a whole new scenario with kids getting their own play box, crayons, and own seat. Sometimes we have had our moments when dad wanted a window seat to click pictures of the clouds but daughter dear wanted to do aerial photography on her own. And I am a little sheepish to accept that I have tried to demonize the charming air hostess in eyes of the kids, “If you do not let me sit at the window seat, she will not give you ice-cream after the meal service.” But to tell you the truth it worked only the first two or three times and now the kids are smart enough to call my bluff and daddy dear lost his right to the window seat forever when traveling with daughters.

Anyways, among all these debates around kids on flights, Lufthansa, the German airline, came with a unique competition that brought the kids on board in the limelight.

A first of its kind global competition by Lufthansa passenger airline “Your Announcement Contest” has been gaining attention for all the right reasons. The competition that revolves around kids on board had a simple contest – kids around the world were encouraged to make a small video where they pose as a Lufthansa flight attendant to announce the flight to fellow passengers.

Lufthansa had a simple thought in their mind that a big part of their regular passengers are children and they love having children on board. Indeed if you just read my little attempt to get a window seat from my daughter, you will know that kids make flights more fun. Each one of us has our own children on flights stories and most of these stories bring back a smile on my face even after years.

So in order to involve kids and their families in the flight process, Lufthansa announced this global competition where children worldwide announce flight instructions to their fellow passengers on board.

Needless to say Lufthansa airlines received an overwhelming response from every corner of the world with kids in their own charming and innocent way announcing the flight instructions in front of the camera. As the judges were going through entries from around the world, they were charmed as well as impressed by the talent of children but they had to pick one talented child as a winner who gets to board a Lufthansa flight of his/her choice. Not only will the winning child be going to a destination of choice but he/she also gets to actually make the announcement on the real flight in front of the fellow passengers! Dude, I envy the winner. I have always wanted to hold the mike in my hands and give instructions to people, only my legs start trembling the moment I see a camera or people staring at me.

Lufthansa contest winner yashas

And the Winner is 8 year old Mumbai Boy Yashas

Now the best part is that among all the entries, judges shortlisted 15 and then finally liked the flight announcement made by 8-year-old Mumbai boy Yashas.  Yes, you read it right. Our own Mumbai boy, Yashas, a student of G.D. Somani Memorial School, is the winner of the global “Your Announcement” Contest, who will be taking his dream flight to Europe with Lufthansa and making a flight announcement to the passengers on board.

You can check the winning video of “Your Announcement” contest of the Mumbai boy, Yashas, who has won the first of its kind global competition for children by Lufthansa passenger airlines.

What an honour and responsibility for an 8-year-old! When you look at his winning video, you will be blown over by his enthusiasm, mannerism and sheer energy that he exudes in it. I like the ending best when he rushes back to take his seat after announcing the flight in the winning video.

Lufthansa contest winner (2)

I am feeling proud and happy for Yashas’ achievement. You can imagine how much his parents must be beaming. Well, here are my best wishes to Yashas for his flight to Europe with Lufthansa.  I’m looking forward to hear more about his experience on the flight, where, I am sure, he will win more hearts.

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  1. Superb opportunity for this little boy. He deserves it.. 🙂

  2. Travel is binding People across all the Ages ; Youngest ever Winner !! Amazing.

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