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A Magical Sunset At Inle Lake Myanmar For March 2018 Calendar Wallpaper


First, a bit of background about the March 2018 Calendar Wallpaper > We were at the Inle Lake Myanmar and as the fiery ball in heavens mellows to orange, the sky above Inle Lake #Myanmar changes hues with every passing second. We are mesmerized by the psychedelic Sunset. The light is fading fast and the photographers are clicking even faster to make the most of diminishing light. We are loving our pictures but something is missing though we are unable to figure out what is missing in the frame.⠀ In walks in Mar a fellow traveler and settles on the boat. The waters freeze as she preens and gazes at the horizon, time starts moving in slow motion. A near perfect reflection forms in the placid waters it is a pretty picture but then as if out of instinct, she flips her hair and pressing the shutter I utter, ” And it is a wrap, thanks a lot, Mar ” :).

That is how my friend this image for the March 2018 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper was made at the Inle Lake Myanmar where we were visiting as part of the

Escapers 17 Bloggers Challenge organized by Accor Hotels Group.


My visit to Myanmar was a short, but a memorable one. We changed hotels and took flights every single day to go to a new place, so while it was a hectic trip it also meant that there was never a dull moment. From golden pagodas to ruins of cities still being excavated, to shopping in a local market with just gestures,  to lakes that are a world in themselves there were many memorable moments in Myanmar. It was indeed a very short trip and I cannot wait to visit Myanmar again. Just the Inle lake has so many attractions to visit and photograph and then we have the Bagan Temples where every photographer wants to click the early morning balloon rides with the Pagodas in the background.

So dear reader let me present to you the March 2018 Calendar Wallpaper, for free download featuring a Magical Sunset at Inle Lake Myanmar. The March 2018 Calendar comes in 3 sizes and can be downloaded absolutely free from desi Traveler.

The 3 sizes for the March 2018 Calendar Wallpaper are

1024 px wide

1600 px wide

2100 px wide


Free download March 2018 Calendar Wallpaper Women sunset boat Inle Lake Myanmar

March 2018 Calendar Wallpaper Inle Lake Myanmar

To download the calendar for March 2018 just right click on the size you want and save it on your machine. The calendars are in high resolution and you can also take a printout if you want, just my way of saying thanks to be such a wonderful reader of my little blog and coming back to it again and again even though I have not been very regular about writing on desi Traveler blog or even as active as earlier on my social media. I do hope to change things a bit in the coming weeks and hope to write more regularly as there are so many stories to be shared and so many places to travel and come back home to.

I hope you do like the March 2018 Calendar Wallpaper. Do share it further on your social media looking forward to your comments about the pictures, I can promise you that more images and stories from Myanmar are coming soon on your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler Blog.

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