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May 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper : Houseboat in backwaters of Kerala

There is no if but or may, as May is already looking at us in face and telling us to be ready for the Heat and Dust. In most of North India we will experience dust storms, loo and an acute shortage of water and electricity.

 May is also the month when we are ready to pack our bags and head for our summer vacations. But like I say many times for people like me summer vacations mostly meant visiting relatives, specially your grandparents if you lived in some other place.

Continuing our journey in Kerala, the May  2015 Calendar is dedicated to the calm backwaters of Kerala. This picture has a beautiful  houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala,  as a smaller motorboat passes by it, creating ripples and destroying reflections in the placid waters. the I initially thought of using a picture from a hill station for the month of May, but there is something about this picture that I love.

If you notice carefully the right upper hand corner of the picture has waves that continue till the motor boat distorting the image of Coconut trees and the boat itself leading to mixing of colors and a kaleidoscopic pattern on the water.

But in the left hand corner of the picture where the smaller boat is yet to reach you can see near perfect image of the houseboat as the calm waters are acting as mirror.  As I clicked more of this  scene to get a better shot in the very next shot the smaller boat has disturbed the water leading to a distorted image in the water.

I deliberated a lot and decided to keep this picture, which is actually not as good as the one I discarded composition wise, but the clear distinction in the patterns being formed  and destroyed on the water one post disturbance and one just before the smaller boat creates waves in the water made me like this one better.

What do you say? Have you ever stayed in a Houseboat in Kerala ? If not I suggest you do try staying in a houseboat as it is a very unique experience. Do check this earlier post where I have given my complete experience of staying overnight in a house boat in backwaters of Kerala

As for the calendar it is yours to download, share and print. You are most welcome to share it with your friends on your friends on FacebookLinkedIntwitter and Google+

You just need to click on the images and you can download the size of the image you want with May 2015 Desktop Calendar on it, simply by saving the file.

The calendar is available in following sizes at the long edge ( These images on display below when clicked take you  to the original large size image for download )

1024 px

Download May 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper

Download May 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper 1024 px wide

1600 px

Download May 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper

Download May 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper -1600 px wide

2100  px

Download May 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper

Download May 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper -2100 px wide

Camera: Nikon D 7000,

Lens: Nikkor 18-105 f 3.5-5.6 VR Lens

The image was  processed in light room.

So far the largest shared calendar post is Lakshman  Sagar March 2015 Calendar with around 500 shares including Facebook, Google plus, twitter and Share this widget. Let us see if May can break the record of March. Please do help in that by sharing the calendar and downloading it on your desktop.

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  8. The pictures are beautiful 🙂 reminded me of all my Kerala trips over the years 🙂 Thanks for sharing buddy! Cheers, Archana 🙂

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