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Raja Ampat & Borobudur on the May 2017 Wallpaper Calendar

I have been real slow in updating the blog for some time and the only reason I have is my laziness.  So to compensate for that dear reader may I give 2 wallpaper calendars for the month of May 2017. After all, May is the month of record-breaking heat with each year being hotter than the previous one. So for the month of may, I am sharing two images both made in Indonesia but are totally different from each other. But though the two images are very different, there are a few similarities in how they were made. For each of the image, I had to climb to a good vantage point.  For the first image of Borobudur temple, one needs to climb stairs to reach the top-level of the temple to get the view of the magnificent view of the sunrise.  For the second image, one needs to climb some cliffs to reach to the best vantage point.

The first image is Sunrise at Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world, indeed a man-made wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can read more about Borobudur in this earlier post > Sunrise At Borobudur

The second image is a natural wonder from Raja Ampat in Indonesia.  One needs to climb some cliffs in the middle of the ocean to get a complete look at the Star Lagoon in Pianemo Island, Raja Ampat Regency. Here as I did not climb to the top of the cliffs I could not get a complete panoramic view of the islands and the lagoons nearby. The crystal clear waters of the Star Lagoon reflect the blue sky from above and you are totally in awe of the natural wonder in front of your eyes. If you do not want to climb the cliff ( big mistake in my opinion as  I regret till today to not have climbed to the top and missed the complete view of the Star Lagoon).  To know a bit more about Raja Ampat Islands you can read the earlier posts about

So here are the two images from which you can choose any or both ( one for each of your computers 🙂 ) for your May 2017  desktop Wallpaper Calendar, your monthly gift from desi Traveler. Feel free to download, share and spread the love further to your friends and family.

May 2017 desktop calendar Wallpaper free download

Sunrise at Borobudur Temple Indonesia


You can download the  May 2017 calendar desktop wallpaper in 3 sizes by clicking and saving the images.

1024 px

1600 px

2100 px 

Below is the image of a part of the Star Lagoon in Pianemo Island, Raja Ampat Regency, Indonesia.

Free download desktop wallpaper calendar May 2017 Raja Ampat

Star Lagoon in Pianemo Island, Raja Ampat Regency

Here are the three sizes to chose from

1024 px

1600 px

2100 px

I hope you like at least one of the images and enjoy looking at it. Do share with me which one do you prefer more.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Those are great photos.

  2. so beautiful 🙂

  3. Beautiful shades of the morning sky in the first.
    And the colour of the water in the second is simply gorgeous. Lovely shots, DesiTraveler,

  4. Beautiful pics. 2nd one is awesome.

  5. Beautiful capture as calendar or wall paper.
    Love the bright colors.

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