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One of the joys of sharing your travel stories is that you get to relive the experience once again. As I close my eyes and type on the keyboard ( Yes I can type with my eyes closed thanks to muscle memory 🙂 ). I am transformed back to the rugged mountains of Spiti, that I last visited more than 2 years ago and need to visit again but due to various reasons I have not been able to visit them.  And with this I want to share the famous quote by Ibn Battuta that Moroccan wanderer, I have always loved and wanted to share here on desi Traveler  >>

“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ― Ibn Battuta, The Travels of Ibn Battutah

Horses near Chandratal Spiti

Horses near Chandratal in Spiti

So when Saif from ” The Musafir Stories” wanted to interview me for his travel podcast and asked me to focus on one of the places I would like to share my travel experience with listeners without a blink I chose “ Spiti  or the middle land between the Old Kingdom of Kullu and Tibet

But before we go further, let me share that this is my first podcast interview, I have been interviewed a few times on the phone and in person also but all those interviews were for print or online portals ( did you notice, how I love to flaunt my interviews 😛 #desIsAShowOff 😛 ).   Though I was aware of Podcasts and I actually listen to some very interesting podcasts like from Neil Patel and some of the marketing gurus from around the world.  But listening to a podcast is one thing, being featured in one and listening to your own voice is something totally different.

For those of you who are not aware what is a podcast then let me assure you it is just a simple recording in an audio format that you can listen on the internet at your convenience, in layman’s term it is like a radio interview, only you have access to it round the clock. Now if you wonder why would somebody listen to a Podcast and not read online or watch a  Youtube video let me give you many reasons after I overcame the creepiness of listening to my own voice in this podcast.

Here are the top 5 reasons to listen to a Podcast 

  1. You don’t have to look at the screen when listening to a podcast. So you can listen to one when walking/running or gardening.
  2. Most podcasts are very focused and go in depth into a topic rather than just touching the surface.
  3. You can pick any topic of your choice and listen to the same as per your wish, rewind, listen to again on portions you want to focus on.
  4. You can download most podcasts and listen to them offline, like on a plane. I know of a few friends who always have a few podcasts on their phones and they look forward to their commute to listen to the podcast.
  5. Podcasts open a whole new world of opportunities for you to upgrade your skills.  Like I like to listen to marketing related podcasts.

As far as I know in the travel space in India Saif and Faiza of The Musafir Stories are pioneers in the Travel Podcast space in India and indeed I feel privileged to be part of their podcast and speak about one of the most mystical places I have been and long to go again – Spiti.

If you are on iTunes you can listen here >>  The Musafir Stories Podcast on iTunes

I am looking forward to listening to more podcasts on The Musafir Stories ( there is the next one already but you will have to visit here to find out 🙂  as I feel it is a wonderful medium, that is more personal and not only educates but also entertain in the best possible manner.

To keep a track of more podcasts coming on The Musafir Stories you can follow them  here



The Musafir Stories Website

Do share how was your experience of listening to the podcast.

Dhankar Monestery Spiti Himachal Pradesh

Dhankar Monastery Spiti

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  1. Baap of Indian travel bloggers! That’s a great nickname. 🙂

    Two times I came by to listen and had to go midway. Finally, listened to all of it!
    Such an informative piece. Now who wouldn’t want to go see Spiti and those stars? 🙂

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, DesiTraveler-with-a-single-l. 🙂

  2. Thx a ton for being on the podcast Prasad! Aapne toh chaar chaand laga diye! It was a pleasure to have you on!

  3. Enjoyed listening to this story! Like that there are new ways of telling tales.

    Btw I am fully back to reading blogs. 😀

  4. Nice to listen. Best wishes.

  5. You are no braggard, baap of travel blogs. It was lovely to hear about your journey in your own voice.

  6. that is great 🙂

  7. Wow this is great! Till now have been reading your stories and now will hear it too 🙂 It was so nice to hear your complete travel experience in Spiti with all the informations. I read you wonderful post on Spiti but hearing was so interesting. And Ah! I wish to visit Spiti so much and also watch the milky way. I hope I can make it soon before it becomes touristy. Rather I would say people should travel responsibly as you said and prevent it from getting touristy.

  8. Desitraveler – now available on Podcast too 🙂
    Congrats and here is to many more.

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