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December 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper : Sun-downer in Kerala

Hello December and Good bye 2015. Yes the first day of the last month of 2015 is here and soon Christmas will be here followed by goodbyes to 2015. The year, the month, the moments will become memories some sweet some bitter and some will change hues over a time as we continue our journey on the third rock from the ball of fire that we call Sun.

Nostalgia apart, December is here and so is our December 2015 Calendar desktop wallpaper for download, from your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler.

As the picture is self-explanatory I would spare you the 1000 words 🙂

December 2015 Desktop Calendar download

The December 2015 Desktop Calendar

As always you can download it in 3 sizes

2100 px wide December 2015 Calendar

1600 px wide December 2015 Calendar

1024 px wide  December 2015 Calendar

How to download the December 2015 desktop Calendar: Click on any of the links above as per the required size and then save the image on your pc / device.

Thanks a lot for reading desi Traveler and you are welcome to download and share the December 2015 desktop Calendar showing a Sundowner in Kerala around sunset.

BTW: There are last few days left to take part in desi Calendar 2016 Contest  and win 2016 Travel Calendar by desi Traveler.

  The idea of picture was conceived by Tarun Gaur, founder, author & photographer of My greedy backpack, while we were enjoying a beautiful sunset in Kerala with other travel bloggers,  watching the changing color of the sky and the Arabian Sea. We experimented with various settings to click picture of sunset and the blue colored drink and since we were not carrying our tripod it was a bit of a challenge to click the picture in the fading light around sunset.

Location of the sundowner image is The Leela Kovalam near Trivandrum in Kerala.

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  1. this has a great mood 🙂

  2. This is one of your finest shots and my favorite. Ping me when you upload a new calendar for 2016. Would love to start with my with it.

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