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November 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper: Fishing Boats in Gulf of Thailand

November 2015 is here and so is our November 2015 Calendar desktop wallpaper for download.  While here in North India we are seeing the first cool breeze after long hot winters, back there in Thailand it is still nice and warm. As Thailand has visa on arrival it may be good idea to plan a quick holiday in the coming holiday season and visit Thailand

Coming back to the November 2015 calendar there is one very special thing about this picture shot in Gulf of Thailand near Koh Samui Island. In the complete 2015 Calendar this is the only picture that was clicked in the month it is adorning. Yes these Boats in Gulf of Thailand were clicked in November last year and they are here representing November 2015.

This also makes Thailand the second most appeared place on desi Calendar 2015. Thailand made to the desi calendar earlier in

November 2015 calendar desktop download

November 2015 Calendar desktop wallpaper ( 1024  px wide )

Sizes Available for Download for November 2015 Calendar Wallpaper

You can right  click on the links above, select open in a new tab and then download the size you want, you are also welcome to share the same with your friends and family.

Here is the exif data for the picture:

Camera: Nikon D 7000,

Lens: Nikkor 18-105 f 3.5-5.6 VR Lens

Focal Length: 105 mm

Aperture:  5.6

Shutter Speed: 1/1000 sec

ISO: 100

But let me also share a little story about this picture, as you see the Gulf of Thailand in this picture is absolute calm and there is no movement in water.

Actually most of our group was in water snorkeling when this picture was clicked. But the moment we started our return journey the waters became rough and we could only see dark clouds and the waves were crashing against our boat.  Everything changed within 15 minutes and at one point we felt we will never make it to the shore (Side effect of watching too many Hollywood movies based on natural disasters ).  The captain asked us to wear life jackets, and hold the railings tight as he maneuvered us back to safety. And the fun part? The moment we reached the safety of shore it was clear again as if it never rained.

The other thing about this picture is that it is over processed, deliberately as I was trying to give it an ink painting kind of effect in Lightroom.  Below is the original picture without any processing. Which one do you like better? The one used for November 2015 calendar wallpaper or the original picture without any processing given below.

fishing boat Gulf of Thailand

Original picture without any processing

I hope you like the November 2015 Calendar desktop wallpaper, available in 3 sizes for download. To download the size you want just right-click on the links and choose the option – ” Save As” and it will be downloaded on your machine, that you can  use as a wallpaper.

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  1. That’s a beautiful one. I have already made it my wallpaper. Thanks!

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