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My Latest Camera Phone – OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

A few days ago, I attended the launch of OPPO F1 Plus Camera phone, where ace cricketer Yuvraj Singh unveiled the phone. In a world cluttered with phones, camera phones,  smart phones, super smartphones and all other combinations and permutations, one thing stands out in the OPPO F1 Plus and that is its 16 MP selfie camera. Yes, you read it right the selfie camera for OPPO F1 Plus is a jaw-dropping 16 MP.

So when I received the latest phone from OPPO to test it out and review, much before it is available in the market, I was excited like a boy who gets a new toy.  More than me the selfie brigade in our family my kids and their cousins were going gaga. There was so much interest in the phone that my nephew who calls himself Selfie Lover, Selfie King on his Instagram profile decided to come to our place and expedite the process of unboxing the OPPO F1 Plus.

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

OPPO F1 Plus – desi Traveler is one of the first to get it 🙂

Needless to say with its 16 MP Selfie Camera the OPPO F1 Plus camera phone is the new #SelfieExpert in town. Himanshu is an aspiring photographer and though he is just in class XI, he already does pro-photography assignments, especially pre-wedding shoots, and creating portfolios of all his friends and cousins who are all aspiring Bollywood Stars, just like Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor the Bollywood Brand Ambassadors for OPPO F1 Plus.

So in this post let me give you some pictures that Himanshu helped me click while unboxing of OPPO F1 Plus Camera Phone.

What is in the box: The OPPO F1 Plus comes in a nice box, which opens to show up neatly packed phone in a separate casing.

  • OPPO F1 Plus
  • In-ear type earphones
  • Micro USB cable
  • VOOC Flash Charger
  • Mini SIM ejector tool
  • Documentation
  • Case

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert (3)

My observations about build quality and design of OPPO F1 Plus Camera phone and accessories:  

The box contains a manual, the phone, the charger and a set of headphones. The build quality of the phone and the accessories is good and you can feel the quality of the cable and accessories on touching them. Oppo has not cut corners on the quality of accessories and you can touch and feel the same.

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert review unboxing

We played around and clicked OPPO F1 Plus before clicking with it

OPPO F1 Plus review

USB Charging Cable

 Even the bands that are used to keep the cable in the circular shape in the box are of high-quality plastic and not the cheap black strings you normally see. This kind of quality is normally not associated with Chinese Brands, but I guess OPPO is set to change that, and deviating from the normal trend of following the others, OPPO has been bringing category first features in their products, 16 MP Selfie Camera is the latest in that trend.

OPPO F1 Plus review

In-Ear type headphones that come with OPPO F1 Plus

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

The headphones, the OPPO f1 Plus, the charger and the USB Cable

This post is only about the unboxing of the OPPO F1 Plus Camera Phone, the latest Selfie Expert in town.  Soon I plan to take the phone out and click more pictures and share them with you.  Some of the pictures I have already shared on twitter and can be seen using the #OPPOF1Plus.

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

Our resident Selfie Expert inaugurated the OPPO F1 Plus (  ZERO processing on image )

But before I close this post, above is a selfie from our resident #SelfieExpert who kind of inaugurated the phone by clicking the first few selfies and pictures from the OPPO F1 Plus.

Here are some key features of the OPPO F1 Plus

  • 16 Megapixel front camera to take selfies like never before
  • 13 Megapixel rear camera ( I think this is the first time a phone has better camera for selfies than the main camera )
  • 4 GB RAM – this means you can run multiple apps simultaneously without the phone becoming slow
  • 64 GB of ROM
  • 2 Nano Sim slots, one can be used either as SIM Slot or for SD Card
  • VOOC Flash Charge + Big Battery  leading to quick recharge and long-lasting battery, the phone on a charge of 5 minutes gives a battery life of 2 hours plus.

Wait for this space for more pictures from the OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert. I am sure those who enjoy clicking and getting clicked will like this phone a lot. I think at a price of ₹26990 the OPPO F1 Plus gives you a lot of bang for your buck with features matching or exceeding phones that are priced more than double. In my next post, I will post pictures taken from the OPPO F1 Plus, the only problem that I have with this phone ? Wife Jee has already staked claims on the same as she really liked the selfies clicked with it and the superior display quality.   Th OPPO F1 Plus is now available at retails stores near you.

For more information and detailed specs visit the official website of OPPO F1 Plus 

UPDATE: As promised a more detailed post is now online

 OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert Review 

Note to readers:  I am sure you have guessed by now, I have received the phone from OPPO and it is mine ( or actually Wife Jees) to keep 

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  3. Nice review … i broke my phone 🙁 am in search of one with good camera and features .. how would you rate this on a scale of 10

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