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OPPO F1 Plus Selfies clicked and compared with iPhone 6s

Further to my post about unboxing of OPPO F1 Plus, I decided to take the Selfie Expert to town and click some pictures, during our Chandni Chowk Insta Food Walk.  I was surrounded by foodies and selfie lovers who all wanted to try the new phone.  The new Selfie Expert was an instant hit with all and a lot of selfies were clicked around.

As we were roaming the bylanes of Chandni Chowk, the OPPO F1 Plus was passed around and people clicked selfies with it. But I also wanted to see how the Selfie Expert compared to other phones, especially iPhone 6s. So I requested fellow travel blogger and iPhone photographer Tarun Gaur to help me with the comparison.

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

Foodies try out the OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert- Image clicked inside Gianis Fathepuri 

We decided to compare the images in the following way

  1. The Same image was taken with iPhone and OPPO F1 Plus. Here our idea was to take images without using flash and not in well-lit conditions.
  2. Tarun was to take selfies with both iPhone and OPPO F1 Plus.
  3. Repeat if necessary at another location – Which we did a few days later at Qutub Minar in Mehrauli.

Now here are a few things that you need to know about the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk, most of the lanes are very narrow and only around midday you get bright sunlight otherwise most of the day these lanes are in shade, creating an even light without any harsh shadows.

Here are a few things that you should note

The images used for comparison both for iPhone and OPPO F1 Plus are directly from the phone, without any alteration except for resizing them to load faster on the blog. All these images appear without any watermark.  Then at the end of the post that I clicked only with OPPO F1 Plus that were processed in Lightroom and have undergone some color and contrast correction, besides adding a watermark.

Let us look at the first two images that were clicked at the famous Chaina Ram Halwai in Chandni Chowk.

OPPO F1 Plus Selife Expert

Chaina Ram Halwai – OPPO F1 Plus

iphone portrait IMG_0907

Clicked with iPhone 6S by Tarun Gaur

Below are the two selfies that Tarun clicked with both his iPhone 6S and the OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert, clicked inside the famous Giani’s Di Hatti. The room had a very high light variation, from dark corners to bright spots due to light tubes.

iPhone 6S Selife

Mr. & Mrs. Gaur – Selfie with iPhone 6S

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

Mr. & Mrs. Gaur try out the OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

Here are some other pictures that I clicked from OPPO F1 Plus in Chandni Chowk. The first one is of a dispensary in Maliwara a lane so narrow that only 2 wheelers and cycle rickshaws can enter the lane.

Portrait of woman Chandni Chowk

Even the dark lanes of Chandni Chowk have some colors to offer – OPPO F1 Plus image


Men Chandni Chowk Gully

Dark and damp gullies with the favorite color of India – Indigo captured by OPPO F1 Plus

These guys were chilling outside a shop in Maliwara. Notice the dampness on the walls and the favorite color of India used on walls from Varanasi to Jodhpur, captured here in Chandni Chowk Delhi 6, not very far from Mirza Ghalib Ki Haveli.

Bullock Cart Chandni Chowk

Aaa Bail Mujhe Maar -आ बैल मुझे मार or may be he was saying Aa OPPO F1 Plus Click me 🙂

Man sitting on cloth bundles in Chandni Chowk Delhi 6

A Laborer sitting on a pile of textile boxes- OPPO F1 Plus

In the narrow streets of Chandni Chowk, goods can be loaded and unloaded only in the night when shops are closed and residents asleep. Mini trucks dump the goods on the road leaving them in the custody of a laborer. The laborer waits for the shops to open so that they can put these bundles of clothes inside.

Now before we move to our next outing with OPPO F1 Plus here is a group picture of the foodies who joined us for the food walk. The image was clicked in front of the Town Hall in Chandni Chowk on a bright sunny day

Group picture by OPPO F1 Plus

Group picture by OPPO F1 Plus in front of Town Hall Chandni Chowk ( It is 1600 px wide,download it to see the full-size on your monitor ) 

As you can see in the picture above there were close to 30 people in the group walk and as Tarun was also busy taking care of foodies during the walk we were not able to click too many pictures to do a comparison of the two phone cameras the iPhone 6s and OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert.

I was keen to test OPPO F1 Plus in more varied light conditions so I and Tarun decided to join an INTACH Heritage Walk at Qutub Minar, we thought it will be a good opportunity to click some pictures of Qutub Minar as well as some selfies in the varied light conditions. So here are some more selfies of  Tarun Gaur, author, and photographer of My Greedy Backpack .

The first two images are in extremely  harsh light with the blazing Sun directly behind the subject hence, you see the face is dark in both.

iPhone Selfie

Selfie with iPhone, the blazing sun was directly behind Tarun

oppo f1 plus selfie expert qutub minar

Selfie with OPPO F1 Plus Sun behind his head

After this one in bright sunlight, Tarun moved to a better place with the sun illuminating his face and clicked two selfies again one with his iPhone and another with OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

Here the light is falling on Tarun’s Face – OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

iphone selfie iron pillar IMG_0933

Selfie with iPhone 6s with the famous Iron Pillar in background

Next set of images is in the corridors of the Qutub Minar complex,  we chose this location as it gave an opportunity to click images in extreme light contrast. Tarun clicked his selfie standing in the shade of the corridor while the background was well lit by sunlight.

iphone selife qutub minar IMG_0940

Tarun stands in the shade of corridor next to the well-lit courtyard – iPhone 6s Selfie

oppo f1 plus selfie expert 9

Selfie in the corridor with OPPO F1 Plus

Here are some more selfies that he took at the Qutub Minar

OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert 7

With OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert

iphone selfie qutub minar 3

Selfie with iPhone 6s

iphone selfe qutub minar IMG_0951

Selfie with iPhone with Qutub Minar in Background

oppo fi plus selfie expert 3

Selfie with OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert – Qutub Minar in Background

I think if we just compare the selfies to selfies, I feel there is not much difference between the images. However, I think that the Selfie clicked by OPPO F1 plus inside Gianis is better compared to iPhone. Then when you look at the selfie in the corridor you can see iPhone did a better job and captured the contrast in light better, as with OPPO  you can see some blown up areas. But then again when you see some of the other pictures like the one in front of the grave again the colors captured by OPPO looks more appealing. So overall it is difficult to pass a verdict but we also need to take into consideration the price at which OPPO F1 Plus is available  at  ₹26990 that is less than half of an iPhone.  I think in a price sensitive market like India price of  ₹26990 for a feature rich phone like OPPO F1 Plus is attractive and could tilt the balance in favor of OPPO.

You can check my earlier post about  OPPO F1 Plus Selfie Expert to know more about technical details of the phone.

Here you can visit the official site of OPPO F1 Plus to know the specs and features in detail.

Note :  I received the OPPO F1 Plus Camera Phone from OPPO India for review, and it is mine to keep. 

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  1. Good comparison of the phones … oppo seems good at half the price of iPhone 🙂

  2. For one who is not into selfies (read THE desitraveler), this was a great idea. 😉
    Random peoples’ selfies, next time, ok. It’ll be fun. 🙂

  3. nice comparison. and the image quality is pretty good. I’d like to try Oppo. Wish I get the phone for a review too 😛

  4. Oh so many Mooch wali selfies! 🙂

    The phone looks good and pictures are sharp, colors are good too.

    But sahi mein, Mooch wale uncle ko bakra bana diya selfie ke liye. 🙂

  5. Keeping aside the comparison… I just loved the Chandni Chowk image.

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