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Meet Saurabh Chatterjee: Traveler and Photographer

Dear readers today we will showcase a unique traveler who has crisscrossed India’s remote corners and photographing her wonders with his lens in his own very unique style.  Almost all of us have a dream somewhere buried deep inside us to follow our passions, but few can muster enough courage to embrace dreams and say sayonara to 9-5. Well not Saurabh Chatterjee after a very successful career in IT with some of the top MNCs he decided to chase his two missions in his life – to see INDIA and to make every camera owner a great photographer. He has traveled far and wide across the country capturing the flavor of the places he visits.

Saurabh holds a certificate in Photography from Osmania University. He has also done an advanced course from City of Glasgow College, UK. He has worked with German Photographer – Barbara Bechloff.

He also holds a Certificate for Experiential Education and Practices and Explorers Schools. He is an Eco-volunteer for Karnataka Eco-tourism.
Saurabh has his own unique style of photography he not just takes a picture he captures the essence of the place.

 Check his picture of Valley of Flowers here below, we all know about the thousands of flowers in VOF.

beetle in valley of flowers on white flowers
Valley of flowers- A unique picture of a unique ecosystem

But Saurabh not only captures flowers he also captures a bug on the flower thus highlighting the uniqueness and fragility of the ecosystem in Valley of Flowers. That to me is a very remarkable quality and sensibility as a photographer.

sadhu in saffron on river bank akkamahadevi caves
Sadhu in saffron on bank of a river with a green vessel
Or take his picture of sadhu at Akhamadevi Caves, where the sage in his saffron robes is holding a plastic vessel to collect water from the river. What a way to showcase the amalgamation of thousands of year old traditions being penetrated by impacts of modernization?

One of my favorite pictures from Saurabh is that vestigial symbol of power of men in white caps, the White Ambassador. Most of our netas have moved to more plush wheels, making me wonder where has the Ambassador of License Permit raj era gone?

ambassador car in rann of kutch gujarat
Symbol of power of men in white:  Ambassador car now on rural duty in Rann of Kutch

Well this picture from Saurabh takes you to the vast expanse of boundary less Rann of Kutch or the hinterland of India where these former rulers of roads have been shunted to side roles. Alone in the vast expanse the Ambassador is still kicking up a dust storm, as if trying to tell you “ I have still got it”

Look at  this picture of a boy sitting in a sea of red chilies left to dry on a village road in rural MP, such a scene is very common in interiors of India, but to find beauty in that you need eye of a master lens man like Saurabh.

Red hot chilli peppersRed Hot Chili  Peppers: It happens only in India


But like we said Saurabh has two missions in life: To see India and to make every camera owner a great photographer.

Saurabh guides passionate and aspiring photographers at SIA Photography through his workshops. He has conducted workshops at many multinational companies like United Health Group, BHEL, Laqshya Media (Hyderabad), Novartis Healthcare (Mumbai and Hyderabad), Sterling Infosystems (Mumbai), VIT, Vellore.
He is an official trainer for SONY SLTs. He has also taught Photography to kids at Oakridge and INDUS International Schools. He is also involved in various volunteering activities with several organizations like Teach for India.
He has trained more than 1400 enthusiasts over the past three years.    I have myself been fortunate to go on few photo walks with him in Hyderabad and attended a photography workshop conducted by him. 

His works have been published in several national and international publications including the National GeographicLonely PlanetTimeout Explorer (UK), Schmap (Ireland), India Coffee Table book (Poland), The National (Dubai), Dromedar (Slovakia), etc. He is a regular contributor to Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, Discover India, Timeout Explorer, FEMINA and Jetwings International travel magazine. He has won several national and international awards for his works.

He has worked on several prestigious assignments including one for National Innovation Foundation, Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India to document the innovations of the people of North-east India.

He is also a mentor for Catalyzer  an initiative which provides a support system for startups.

Well check some of my favorite pictures that Saurabh has captured below:

Corridor of Ramnathswamy temple Rameshwaram Tamil Nadu
Corridor of Ramnathswamy temple Rameshwaram Tamil Nadu
Fishermen on Kovalam beach kerala
Tug of war or a day in life of fishermen: Kovalam Kerala
sunset chinese fishing nets cochin
Sunset: Chinese fishing nets Cochin
Evening Arti on Ganges bank in Haridwar

Evening Arti on Ganges bank in Haridwar

toy Train Coonoor Railway Station

Toy Train Coonoor Railway Station near Ooty

couple with umbrella on train tracks Matheran

A couple walks in mist on train track in Matheran


motorcycle trip in Himachal dirt road Manali to Keylong

3 Bikers : Dirt road from Manali to Keylong Himachal Pradesh

 pilgrims trek to temple on route to Brahmagiri

Pilgrims trek to Brahmagiri to source of Godavari

saffron flag on top of temple surrounded by snow in roopkund
Saffron flag on a shrine surrounded by snow in Roopkund
smiling old lady in traditional dress in uttarakhand in Himalayas

Smile that melts your heart

Little Venice, Colmar, France

Little Venice, Colmar, France


Do leave a comment which one is your favorite.  This is just a small selection of hundreds of awesome pictures clicked by Saurabh  check other great pictures by Saurabh by checking these links.

Saurabh Chatterjee professional photographer

Saurabh Chatterjee

Oh and did I mentioned that  Saurabh also writes wonderful travel blog that you can check here.

Note:  Please do not copy/use any picture without permission from Saurabh Chatterjee. I want to thank him here to speak to me and allow to use his pictures. 

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  7. WOW! These pictures are beyond any of my adjectives, just so beautiful. Kudos to the talent and passion of Saurabh, thank you Prasad for giving us a chance to say hello to him via your space, wish him all the best for life.

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