Feb 252014


The Sounds of Great Britain: An Invitation to Visit Great Britain

Whenever I visit any place I soak in the experience using all my senses, the sounds, sights, foods, smells and touch of the place. Every vibrant city has its own sounds, especially a world city like London in Great Britain, where the sounds are so exciting.  Today London and Great Britain is home to people from all parts of world and she also plays host to millions of visitors who come to see the many wonders on offer. Check this wonderful video which introduces  you to the many sounds of London and other parts of United Kingdom that play in every park, street corner, theaters, stadiums and homes in Britain, harmoniously blending to  make you experience one of the most vibrant society in world.

As you can see and hear the sounds of Great Britain are inviting you with her castles, churches, museums, countryside and many other attractions all crooning in harmony with a simple message ” Come Visit Great Britain”


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  1. I like your introduction Prasad:-) You are indeed a true Traveler, curious about the world:-)

  2. Great Britain is a lovely place to go on Holiday. It has lots of great places and there are lots of nice museums in London and not to mention the castles. Definitely a place to go.

  3. Been there 5 times (for work) my most visited country till date.

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