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Feb 252014

  The Sounds of Great Britain: An Invitation to Visit Great Britain Whenever I visit any place I soak in the experience using all my senses, the sounds, sights, foods, smells and touch of the place. Every vibrant city has its own sounds, especially a world city like London in Great Britain, where the sounds are so exciting.  Today London and Great Britain is home to people from all parts of world and she also plays host to millions of visitors who come to see the many wonders on offer. Check this wonderful video which introduces  you to the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 082014
Maut Ka Kuan: Death Defying Stunts at Numaish

  Maut Ka Kuan: Death Well At Numaish Well like I mentioned earlier I was at Numaish a traditional fair conducted every year in Hyderabad and one the things that totally zapped me was what we call Maut Ka Kuan or the Well of death. Here inside a man-made huge tub, daredevil motorcycle and car stuntmen defy gravity and perform stunts that will put any Bollywood and Hollywood hero to shame. There are no  helmets or net to protect them in case of an accident. But fortunately these guys practice a lot and using a bit of laws of [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 042014
Some Technical Issues: Site Hacked and Recovered

  Dear Reader: The site is facing some technical issues. Kindly bear till we sort them out. Thanks desi Traveler Fortunately we are back and the site is functional once again. So here is an update: desi Traveler was hacked and some malicious code was inserted in to word press. The code had more than 50 links to spammy sites. I discovered it accidentally while searching for some information and saw this screen shot with desi traveler showcasing things like Viagra, Cialis, Loans etc. Needless to say I could not understand what is happening as I don’t know much [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 142013

    Video of Ravan Burning In last post I shared some pictures of  making of Ravan and Ravan on the roads. Here is a video of Ravan Burning shared by my niece and nephew.   Feel free to share the same with your friends and family. A happy Dussehra to all of you. May all the demons in your life be destroyed and burnt to ashes.

Mar 282013
The Rolls Royce in Old Hyderabad

Rolls Royce The Symbol Of Wealth A Rolls Royce is the symbol of wealth, wealthy folks around the world love to flaunt their Rolls Royce. Religious gurus in India, dictators in Africa and South America, Sheikh’s in Middle East and Royalty in Europe all love to move around in Rolls Royce’s.  So when I saw this black Rolls Royce in the old and relatively poor part of Hyderabad I instantly clicked it and submitting it for Thursday Challenge where the theme this week is “RICH” (Money, Gold, Wealth, Expensive Things, Fancy Things,…). The erstwhile ruler of  Hyderabad Nizam of Hyderabad [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 222013
Skywatch Friday

  This is my first entry for Skywatch Friday, this picture was clicked when I visited the Visa God of Chilkur Balaji in Hyderabad.   To check more entries for Skywatch Friday please click here If you have liked reading the post please feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Google+ .  You can subscribe to the email updates to receive new posts automatically in your inbox. I promise that I will not sell, rent, or donate your email to anybody. —    

Feb 212013
Thursday Challenge- PHOTOGRAPHY- Person taking photo

    This  picture was taken last year during the Bonalu festival in Secunderabad Mahakali Temple.  I was there as part of a photo-walk organised by Hyderabad weekend shoots, one of the most active photography groups in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.  Read more about Bonalu here.     My first photo-walk with HWS was to Gudimalkapur Flower Market in Hyderabad. Here are some pictures from Taramati Baradari photo-walk with HWS or  Hyderabad Weekend Shoots. To participate in Thursday Challenge visit this link here Feel free to share the post with your friends on your social networks like Facebook, twitter and google +

Feb 182013
The Old Baobab Tree In News

  The Old Baobab Tree is in News today The efforts to help the Old  Baobab tree are gaining some traction and it has been featured today in Hans Newspaper, both print, online as well as e paper. See below the Baobab tree in news today in Hans paper       Check the earlier posts on Old Baobab tree  here 1.  The Old Baobab Tree of Nanakramguda 2. Baobab Tree and Ranganath temple Nanakramguda Village Special thanks to Padmapriya who proactively approached me and wrote the article in the newspaper. To see the same on site of paper directly [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]