Feb 072014

My First South Indian Meal on Banana Leaf

Although I am a shudh 100% desi, there are so many things that I have never tried in India. But like they say there has to be a first time for everything. So recently I was invited by my friend and philanthropist Ram Babu, who also co-manages the famous Aahaar Kuteer the millet restaurant in Begumpet and is doing a lot of work on satvik ( holisitc) food that can help in a better healthier lifestyle.

While eating on a banana leaf is very common in south India especially in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and AP, other parts of India use plates. While a lot of restaurants serve south Indian food on a banana leaf, they actually cheat by keeping the banana leaf on a plate.  So needless to say I was very excited to sit on floor, and eat straight from the banana leaf using my hands. I clicked some pictures before the aroma rising from the fresh hot food made me say” To hell with pictures, let me give my taste buds some salivating nirvana”.

Any ways whatever few pictures I clicked I stitched them in Picasa and created this short video. Check it out.

So next time you are enjoying a South Indian food do try it on a banana leaf and give some rest to the fork and knife. Your food will taste  much better. And if you are wondering what was the occasion well it was the house-warming ceremony of a farm-house near Gandipet lake in Chilkur Village, which the owners plan to use as a wellness destination.
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  1. Hmm…it’s been quite a while. :(. Yeah, that is something to be tried by people visiting South India.

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