Jul 302015
Cleartrip App For Android: Video Review & Step By Step Guide

 A Step By Step Video Review & Guide to Cleartrip App for Android Phones In the last post I had reviewed the Cleartrip App with help of the screen shots that I captured while booking tickets to Goa and hotels in Singapore and Goa. So let us move one step further and show you the process with help of a video that I captured while booking the tickets on Cleartrip app. The process followed was exactly the same except this time since I had already downloaded the Cleartrip app from Google Play store there was no need to download [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jul 292015
Cleartrip App Review

How to use Cleartrip Mobile app for Air tickets and Hotel Bookings I have been an early adapter of internet and all the magic, and convenience it brings to our life. I moved to online payments in 2000 when there was only one third party utility to do the same.  Now in the age of smart phones things are even better as now your computer travels with you in your pocket.  Yes you read it right the modern smart phones are more powerful than most computers even 5 years ago. I think voice calls is only 5 % of my [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Nov 052012

  This is one flight I will remember for a long time. The post is a bit long hope you will read it till end. I have always believed travelling is not about reaching the destination, but the Journey is the Destination. I am not sure who first came up with this quote, but I am neither ashamed to copy this nor I am scared as I am pretty sure it is not copywrited.  So recently while returning from Tal Chappar in Rajasthan I took a flight from Delhi to Hyderabad and for a change I decided to keep [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]