May 252013
Places to Visit around Hyderabad- Weekend Getaways, Family Picnic , Kids fun, Shopping, Wildlife & Nature

  Places to visit in and around Hyderabad- Day trips, family picnic, wild life, nature, Weekend Getaways, Shopping, hanging out: Travel Guide When we moved to Hyderabad a few years ago we were told there are no places to see in and around Hyderabad except for  Charminar and Golconda Fort and you can not drive anywhere as everything is more than 500 KM away. Well how wrong those people were as slowly we discovered the charms of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and started discovering its hidden gems from Nizam  and earlier eras one by one. So [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jul 212012
Tall Shiva Idol at Surendrapuri near Bhongir Fort

Shiva Idol at Surendrapuri Museum of Mythology There is a tall Shiva idol on NH8 on the way to Gurgaon from Delhi, it is a landmark and I have seen it many times. I am not sure how  high it is but always use to wonder if there are other that high statues of Shiva. Some time back I visited Surendrapuri, Yadagirigutta, Andhra Pradesh near Bhongir Fort and there I photographed this another very tall Shiva idol. Not sure which one is tallest or other such tall statues of Shiva or other Hindu gods in the the country. The specialty of this [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 092011
Around Bhongir Fort Part II

Bhongir Fort On The Rock This is the second post in the Bhongir Fort Series Here is the earlier post about Surendrapuri the museum of Hindu Mythology We parked the car next to the house of Sri’s friend and decided to walk up to the Bhongir fort. Sri’s friend actually works in USA, and was not aware that we are visiting his ancestral home with an American. The ascend to the fort is very steep and within less than 5 minutes I was panting and remembering all the aloo parathans, pizzas and burgers that I have gulped down for [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 082011
Around Bhongir Fort- Surendrapuri A Museum of Indian Mythology

A Museum of Hindu Mythology: Surendrapuri We have been living in Hyderabad for some time and I have visited the Golconda fort many times. It has been one of the default historical spot for us to go whenever we were giving a guided tour to our guests both from India or my colleagues from US. Our CTO Tom has been to India many times and he is probably equally familiar with the city of Nizams by now if not more than me. So when this time Tom was in town me and my colleagues were in dilemma what to [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]