May 312017
June 2017 Calendar Download Desktop Wallpaper Double Humped Bactrian Camels

Double Humped Bactrian Camels of Nubra Valley on June 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper Before we talk about the June 2017 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar let me ask you if you have heard or read the joke about the baby camel and his mom? The little baby camel has a hundred questions to ask his mom. “Why do we have thick eyelashes?” “Why are our feet padded? “Why do we Camels have 2 humps on our back? You know the kind of questions baby camels asks their mom? But before we move forward did you notice we are talking about “ [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 072013
Camel Herders in Town

The Camel Herders are in Town On my way to American Corner in St. Francis college,  I was stuck in traffic, and cursing myself for not      taking the other route. Slowly I inched towards the epicenter of the jam and found 6-7 camels and camel herders hogging the road, oblivious to the chaos around.  While I was trying to practice my anger management 101, the camels discovered something chew-able on the side of road and started munching the Castor oil bushes  they have found. This cleared the road and vehicles zipped passed.  Not me, I now wanted to click [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]