Sep 272014
Making of Ravana in Tatarpur Village Delhi

Making of Ravana for Sale: The demon king gives livelihood to hundreds of people Navatri or the nine nights is a period when most of the country prepares for Dussehra and is Ram may (राम मय). The stories or Ram’s victory over Ravana is enacted in form of Ram Leela ( no not the Bhansali version with bullets doing ballet with Bollywood belle Dipika Padukone, but the real one with bows and arrows ) across the country, especially north India in form of stage plays with the good winning over evil. But as the good old Winston Churchill said [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 142013
Ravana on The Roads

  Making and Burning of Ravana Dussehra is one festival that has so many symbols attached with it. The winning of good over evil, Ram over Ravana, destroying of demons by women power  in form of Bijoy Dashmi  during Durga Puja. I was talking to my niece and nephew about the same, just when they were going out to watch the burning of Ravana and they sent me some pictures on knowing that I am missing them and burning of Ravan in Delhi. So here they are all clicked by cell phone by my budding photographer niece and nephew [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]