Jul 252015
Ranthambore National Park and Fort in Rajasthan

Ranthambore  Where Time Stands Still & Tigers Roam Free  Trinetra Ganesha Temple Ranthambore Fort   I started writing this post while packing to visit Tal Chapar Sanctuary in Rajasthan. I have scheduled it to get published when I will be on a Train to Rajasthan. Preparation for the trip reminded me of my visit a few years ago to Ranthambore national park and fort in Rajasthan; initially, I was reluctant to write as many things may have changed. But then Wife jee chided me if not much has changed in a thousand years in Ranthambore, what would have changed [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Sep 092013
Ganesha The Traveler

  Ganesha The Original desi Traveler __/|\__   Ganesha has more names than a mere mortal can remember some of the popular ones are Ganesha, Ganpati, Vinayak, Ekdant, Vighneshwar, Lambodar and many more. He is found not only in India but in other countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, China, Malaysia etc. As per one of the stories from Indian Mythology there was competition between Ganesha and his brother Kartikay, as to who can travel around the world first. So Kartikay started on his Peacock that he uses as his ride and goes on a world tour.  Now Ganesha who [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 222013
Dilli Ki Galiyan- Missing The Streets Of Delhi

A Day Wandering The Streets Of Delhi I have lived out of Dilli for many years now. Delhi as it is called by those not familiar with the real name of the city that survived the lust of empires and emperors only to outlive them both. Dilli has lived in me for generations; every time I miss Delhi I will  remember the famous lines from Zauq the famous poet from Delhi, (yes sir, Delhi has given many famous Shayars or poets to this country than probably all other cities combined. Zauq and Ghalib are just two of the more [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]