Apr 202016
World Heritage Day Walk in Mehrauli with INTACH

INTACH Heritage Walk in Mehrauli Archaeological  Park April 18 is World Heritage Day, aka known as International Day for Monuments and Sites.  So desi Traveler went on his own little jaunt with INTACH Delhi Chapter for a little heritage tour of Mehrauli Archaeological  Park. Now this was not my first visit to Mehrauli, nor it will be last, for Mehrauli has more history per square meter than any other place in Delhi. And this history spans more than a thousand years from the Pre-Islam days in India to all the way to British times, all this you can cover in [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 132013
Koti Womens College- A Nizam Era Jewel Of Hyderabad

    A Photo walk with HWS at Koti Womens College Hyderabad Every single day Hyderabad keeps on surprising me with its jewels spread across the city. A few days ago Chandrasekhar Anna invited us to a photo walk to, Osmania University College for Women or Koti Womens College as it is informally called by Hyderabadis. ( Grammer and Punctuation Nazis please excuse).  After a bit of research I got some idea what we had in store behind the formidable gates and barbed wired walls of the college and was looking forward to visit the Koti Womens College, one [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]