Jun 042016
Pictures From Rajasthan Road Trip AT 80 KM Per Hour

Padharo Mhare Desh: Rajasthan Road Trip clicked at  80 KM Per Hour The Kids were busy in the backseat of the car, I was busy driving at 80 KM per hour on the road trip Agra to Gurgaon via Bharatpur and Alwar, and the lush green landscape of the desert state of Rajasthan was passing by. Any other day I would have stopped the car every few minutes, clicked a few pictures and congratulated myself, “Beta desi you will sure get 40 likes on this picture. “ But today was different, the toll road was smooth, and I was [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Dec 092013
The Legend of the Gond King: The Pillars of Tadoba

  The Pillars of  Gond Kings of Tadoba:First Telecom Towers in World We were in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and like everybody around us was looking for Tigers. The Tigers were busy looking for some shade and preferably some Sāmbhar in Shade. While continuing our search for the king of the Jungle I saw these pillars on one of the major arteries inside the national park and wondered what they are? Our guide shared a very interesting story about the pillars. You see before cell phones and phones were invented, in the time before time, this area around the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jul 212013
The Perfect Road Trip

My Perfect Road Trip with Time Machine Let me go back in time for some time, by pressing some knobs and levers on the time machine. Great! The knobs and levers worked fine and here I am back in the days when we were a few years in our career and joined evening classes to do an MBA. Although secretly each one of us was hoping that we will have some girls in the class, not realizing that the sex ration in evening classes in those days was worse than day time Haryana. Slowly the 5 of us started [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 122012
Jugaad-The Hero of Indian Innovation

Let us see how Jugaad is the real Hero of Indian Innovation Some time back I posted on how to do Macro Photography using Desi Jugaad, so one of my American friends wanted to know what exactly a Jugaad is. I actually did not have an answer as Jugaad is Jugaad that is the beauty of Jugaad. Loosely translated it means to innovate, improvise, to fix something (e.g. a broken chair or a deal with a corrupt Neta or babu i.e. politician or bureaucrat) I actually like the part to fix a deal, as that captures the real essence [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]