Nov 012013
Akshardham Temple

A New Landmark of Delhi: The Akshardham Temple I hope you can keep a secret, for I am disclosing one of my dark secret not to be shared with anybody. What do you mean I am sharing it on internet so it can not be a secret? Well it can be a secret if you do not tell it to anybody. Right? I am getting addicted to twitter and my Facebook is feeling kind of left out. ( Notice no mention of family or friends) The more I try to leave twitter the more I am sucked into it. [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 082013
Hyderabad Metro Rail

    Hyderabad Metro Rail: First Look With Hyderabad Metro work going at full pace, Hyderabad will soon have its name in the few cities in country that have its own metro. Hyderabad has history going back hundreds of years from the era of Qutub Shahi Kings, followed by Nizams and now it is one of the major Pharma, IT and BPO hub in the country.  When I moved to Hyderabad one of the things that I liked was its greenery and access to wildlife and nature in the vicinity of city.  You can travel just half an hour [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]