Sep 182011
Kids With School Bag

I was standing in my balcony looking out and enjoying the monsoon showers. I looked below and saw these kids trying to protect them selves from rain with their school bag. I was in the 7th floor balcony of our apartment luckily the Nikon was lazing around  on the dining table and itching for some action so here we go: Kids With School Bag In Monsoon Submitted the same for Thursday Challenge here

Aug 202011
Monsoon From Our Balcony

Nothing can match the magic of Indian Monsoon, though not very big in Hyderabad like it is in Kerala and Mumbai, I still love the rains and the joys of sipping hot tea in my balcony looking at the falling rain and listening to the clouds roaring like a hundred tigers.     Neela Aasman Kho Gaya!  Is Shehar Main Ek Sadak Thee! Woh Kahan Gayee Pata Nahi. Ek Ruka Hua Shehar  Cotton Candy Never Looked Like This Before Bhago Baarish Ayee Bag Bun Gaya Umbrella Chata Ek, Or Aadmee Teen, Bahut Nainsaafee Hai! An Ad Balloon Bowing To [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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