Feb 142014
Peerancheru Lake in Night

  Peerancheru Lake in Night Go and check out more Skywatch images at the Skywatch Site! Click here for day pictures of Peerancheru and PBEL City about hiking and birding.  Feel free to share with your friends and family.

Jan 042013
Fishing In Peerancheru Lake near PBEL City Hyderabad

=================================================================================== =================================================================================== This year Hyderabad was blessed with some very good rains though it is a bit late in the year to write about the rains more so as I have already written about the same earlier. All the lakes like Hussain Sagar, Gandipet, Osman sagar, ICRISAT, Pocharam Dam etc in and around city are full of water. Even a small lake like the Peerancheru, next to PBEL city and APPA Junction is full of water. This brings me the topic of this post. We were visiting Peerancheru lake near PBEL City, and I saw these 2 guys fishing [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Dec 172012
Hyderabad Rocks-Rockathon with GHAC

  The Beautiful Rocks of Hyderabad Every city in the world has man made monuments as its heritage, but Hyderabad, the only city in the world where billions of year old Rocks have been given heritage status, due to tireless efforts by Society to Save rocks. Now when one hears a rock one may wonder what is so great about rock it is not a living thing so what is the fuss all about.Let me try to use my limited knowledge to build a case for saving the rocks of Hyderabad. First of all, a rock has been there before we came and [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 162012
Birds Around PBEL City - The Lake Front

Typical human tendency is to go to exotic locations and totally ignore things that are around us. If I have to quote a hindi saying then….. ” Ghar Kee Murgee Daal Barabar” . This has been the case with me I have been going to various bird watching tours in city and to various national parks and mostly ignoring the Peerancheru lake right next to our home in PBEL City.  A Flock of Geese Take Off On Spotting Me Stork In Flight Greater Coucal So some time back when I had some time to kill and the sun was [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]