Oct 142012
Bhandara for Breakfast-On way to Kanha National Park

Great Breakfast on the Way to Kanha National Park One of the little joys of traveling is discovering little joints that serve excellent food in hygienic conditions. Frequent road travelers in India will agree that it is not an easy task. You get a lot of places with food that will make your salivary glands work overtime but normally the hygiene is something you just have to ignore. Let me talk about one such little place we discovered on our trip to Kanha National park in Madhya Pradesh. This was a trip with GHAC and my friend Sunanda Mandavi was leading the group, [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 032009

Both me and the misses love to travel. she loves the five star way while i am the quintessential rough it out type. So typically it is the misses who gets to rough me up while we travel. Before I got married I use to travel alone or with my friends and we use to go to places like Pachmari, Manali etc. I also traveled and backpacked in Europe once in 1998 or 99 and was an ajooba for most of the people I met in Europe as they claimed they have not seen an Indian backpacker. The immigration officer at the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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