Apr 122013

Can  You Guess The Famous Temple in Picture

Hi Everybody,  I thought of asking a small quiz with this photo today.  You need to guess the name of this famous temple in India that has been photographed here. It may be difficult for people not living in India, but for most travelers in India it should be easy based on some of the clues I am giving below.  All of you are welcome to use Google for search. Do read the complete post to know about the gift the right answer can get you. 

Top of shore temple mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu India

Guess The Famous Temple In South India

  1.  First let me narrow down the choices- The temple is in South India
  2. Made of Solid Stone
  3. Not used for active worship as of now
  4. The bird in the picture gives a big clue if you have visited the temple.

I will be writing a detailed posts about the temple in a week or so and then disclose the answer.  Check more wonderful pictures of sky by clicking here on Skywatch Friday

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Update: The quiz is now closed and the answer is given in the next Skywatch post published on 19 April 2013

So let those answers coming in the comments form. I will display the comments after 2 days to see how many correct answers come. If your answer is correct and you like Facebook page of Desi Traveler I will be sending you a large 12X18 print of any picture of your choice from this blog. The gift of printouts will be for 3 correct answers and if there are more than 3 correct answers I will do a lucky dip and inform the winners on the post and by email.

  19 Responses to “Guess The Famous Temple In India – Quizz for Skywatch”

Comments (19)
  1. Wonderful timely capture.

  2. Mahabalipuram

  3. We have got good responses to the Quiz and some of them are right also. I am not disclosing the answer till I write a detailed post on the same. In order to get your gift for correct answer please like the FB page of Desi Traveler.

  4. Is it Lepakshi?? Nice shot BTW.

  5. No idea, but looks great….

  6. Is it Mahabalipuram?

  7. Hampi

  8. Is it Lepakshi?

  9. That is a beautiful shot!

  10. No idea about the temple but I like your picture.

  11. It’s great.

  12. I simply have no clue which temple this is.
    But it’s a perfect spot for skywatching.


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